"How to Use Your Mind The Right Way To Create A Life Free From Anxiety, Stress & Depression & Have The Life You Want - From The Comfort Of Your Armchair"

In FACT this eBook is just the tip of the iceberg to what you'll get inside, including videos, audios and a prominent eBook on Mind Self and Body Integration

You see I don’t want you to go inside and then go…oh.. that’s not what I want…So if you like it, come inside and get more + (little secret here – you’re just going to LOVE The Captain Boy & Boat! inside- it’s been getting rave reviews)

You’re about to learn how to use your mind to get rid of stress, anxiety, fear & depression and gain the control and freedom of your mind. You’re also going to get a special 106 page eBook “A New World Inside’ that details exactly how to easily do this step by step”. And in the video, I’ll walk you through how I created the trance-script audio’s you’re going to get so you can pinpoint the most valuable knowledge that you already have – that you can turn into an effortless stream of creative ideas to profit from.

A New World Inside – Table Of Contents


LOOK at the Table of Contents before you come inside to see some of what you’ll learn.

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  • Discover how to create your own self-guided trances and make it fit exactly your circumstance rather than relying on ‘out of the tin’ products
  • Learn the easy step by step methods for gaining access to your creative genius inside and how to harness this power for yourself
  • Find out why you’re better off doing this yourself than seeing a coach or specialist and paying hundreds if not thousands of pounds
  • Learn how you can easily create your change and make it last
  • Utilize the differences between the left and right parts of the brain to enrich your self-suggestions
  • Discover how you can create a richworld inside and translate that same world back into your life
  • Truly learn once and for all why if you don’t understand how to work with your unconscious mind you’ll miss out
  • + lots more ‘goodies’ inside…