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I’ve just put up a new video and 24 minute audio MP3 In the video you get to learn what the prime purpose of ‘Hypnosis’ really is AND why it is we make bad decisions and when not to make decisions that can seriously affect what happens! This is never before seen stuff Go…

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I came home from a long day on the iPad writing up my new course. I parked my car in the empty space provided by the absence of my parents car (we have a shared driveway and live next door) Sitting down, my wife told me about her day; she was unable to get her…

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It’s funny, when I first began NLP, hardly anyone to whom I had spoken to had heard about it. Yet 15 years on and nearly everyone I speak to has either heard about it, been on a course, read something or knows someone who’s done it. The only common factor between today and all those…

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Snakes? Maybe. Spiders? Some people are. Flying? Possibly. What about a small dark space? Maybe again. But……they’re all a myth. I’m about to uncover what it is you fear. A fear that without thinking drives you to different decisions every single day. The Good, The Bad and The Ugly. How to read this ‘document of…

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New Code NLP Did John Grinder and Judith DeLozier create New Code NLP or did they inadvertantly ‘get this’ as part of their modelling from Milton Erickson? John and Judith sought to address the ‘imbalance’ of the classic code NLP whereby practitioners were able to create change in others, but were not good messengers themselves…

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People need to stop running from the word manipulation like it’s some great big bad ogre that’s going to eat you. Communication is manipulation pure and simple. Everything and I mean everything you do is to manipulate. The word you use in your emails or on facebook are designed to manipulate our senses and experience…

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