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The term photographic memory or an eidetic memory is used to describe a person who is able to ‘see’ with photo clarity an image in their mind and recall from this memory (image) detailed information about this image without any external aids.

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Discover why having your own ‘self-referencing’ loop is the key to managing your own personal development and change. In this video you’ll learn why being able to self-calibrate and have your own self reference points will help you create the change you want without always the need for a coach or external source. This video…

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In Life there are some people worth knowing and a few worth un-knowing. Some years ago when I was putting together some of my NLP stuff and I came across Tom, I don’t remember where, or what though we exchanged a few emails and in one of his emails out to people he had written…

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Sometimes we become attached to our outcome. We think it’s the outcome that we want. The attachment causes stress, it causes longing, it causes desire and creates a tension between where you are now and where you want to be. One of the biggest things learnt over the years is detaching from the outcome. John…

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Anxiety afflicts many people and comes in different shapes or forms. It’s one of the biggest blights to performance, happiness and health. There are many anxiety programmes on the market, many anxiety books and many coaches willing to help people with anxiety. Anxiety and what to do about it This video looks at anxiety in…

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The Alchemy Wheel is designed to help you find the right place for where you don’t have the Feel Good Factor. This allows you to understand ‘WHY’ you have the habits you have and do the things you do. In a sense it lets you see very quickly problematic contexts of your life as well…

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Which habits do you have that you no longer want? How hard have you tried to get rid of them? Why do they still persist? Where are you on your FeelGood O’meter? These are all answered in this video. Looking at why the habits we have persist even though we use will power and techniques…

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Mastering States and finding a baseline state. This video is from a question posed that asks – How Do I Master My States? Here we look at what states are but more importantly how to find your baseline state that you can raise to have more of the mental and emotional states you want more…

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How to change beliefs using just 5 words by shifting someone from Certainty to Uncertainty to Certainty again using the Certainty Principle.

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