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I Know What You Are Afraid Of! Snakes? Maybe. Spiders? Some people are. Flying? Possibly. What about a small dark space? Maybe again. But……they’re all a myth. I’m about to uncover what it is you fear. A fear that without thinking drives you to different decisions every single day. The Good, The Bad and The…

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You are neither an Introvert nor an Extrovert. If you think you’re one, the other or in-between – then you’ve been sadly mislead and it’s not your fault. This article focuses on the myths and fallacies of introversion and extroversion, what it means to you and how it effects your life. For years you’ve been…

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We’ve all been there, we all are, and we will always be…unmotivated to just do the things that we know we should, but don’t want to! Oh dear, I guess its not worth carrying on then is it. Or is it? Let me tell you a quick story.  

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When you look back at it the day England got trounced by Germany in the World Cup they’ll all be laughing it off and talking tactics and strategy and bad management. Yet, if you look a little closer and listen a little harder at what had been said, some other things begin to emerge.  

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What if by telling a story, someone’s life would change? What if stories were more than just things to amuse people? What if ‘Once upon a time…’ really did have a happy ending? What if you already have this ability?

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