Beliefs Pathways to Health Wellbeing

Beliefs: Pathways to Health & Well-Being

Beliefs Pathways to Health & Well-Being is a book in how to identify beliefs and change them to better your health and wellbeing.

Beliefs are the ball bearings of your life. They make what you do, what you do, they organise your perceptions about the world of what is real and isn’t. As such they create your world view. This world view is only that ‘ a view and outlook upon the world’ and not the world itself.

Like ball bearings, when they’re outdated and no longer support the smooth operation and flow of the system, it’s time for a change.

Beleifs are the cause of wars and distress as well as happiness and hope. Uncovering the beleifs to change requires a deeper understanding of the very nature by which beliefs are created, maintained and upheld. Along with this comes beleifs that conflict with each other where you find that you do one thing, then another and don’t understand why.

Beliefs are like a forest

Beliefs are also like forests, on the outside are the surface beliefs, the obvious ones, the ones you see, though as you go through the forest so you get to the deeper older beliefs from which the forest grew.

This book therefore details the structure of the forest and helps guide you into the depths through the authors accounts of working with others. It is here, you’ll find the structure to your beliefs and understand not only why you do what you do, but also the how. This how is – how you can begin to change and find new beliefs that serve you better as you grow through life.

Beliefs and Health

Towards the end of the book is a process for relieving allergies based upon ground breaking medical research. It’s a fascinating read to understand how our bodies through our belief systems also help to support the very nature of our health and well-being. And as such when they’re under attack, what they do to maintain the status quo – or not.

When we run our Master Practitioner alot of the material is drawn from this book as well as other patterns and models that we’ve indentified in helping to uncover deeply held beliefs.

Though this book goes into depth about the nature of beliefs, you may just find from reading the book that you also begin to get the change you want too.

This book looks at beliefs that support unhealthy habits such as smoking, overeating and drinking as well as phobias and fears.

It also looks at the processes of changing the beliefs including Re-imprinting, Conflict Integration as well as identifying criteria which are the levels of values that are most important to you in your life and why what you do can be in conflict with what you value the most.


Beliefs: Pathways to Health and Wellbeing

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