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The term photographic memory or an eidetic memory is used to describe a person who is able to ‘see’ with photo clarity an image in their mind and recall from this memory (image) detailed information about this image without any external aids.

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I came home from a long day on the iPad writing up my new course. I parked my car in the empty space provided by the absence of my parents car (we have a shared driveway and live next door) Sitting down, my wife told me about her day; she was unable to get her…

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Defining The Rules and Structures of Beliefs When we think of beliefs we tend to think about something that is actual, something that exists and has properties such as minerals or organic material.

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Have the past you always wished for! Should our past be held accountable for our future? And if so, do we wish our past to be one that will form a desirable present and future?  

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You know sometimes life throws you a curved ball. On our recent NLP Practitioner course this is just what had happened to one of our delegates. At the tender age of growing into a teenager she experienced a very unpleasant time in her local woods by people chasing her and her friends. Later on this…

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Hey have you ever watched XFactor or American Idol or some such similar programmes? You know right at the start they have the auditions, and you see all the people lining up, nervous, calm, exuberant, CoolCalmCollected and then……they’re interviewed – and you just know ‘oh dear this one ain’t gonna go well’, ‘they’re overconfident, dressed…

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We’ve all been there, we all are, and we will always be…unmotivated to just do the things that we know we should, but don’t want to! Oh dear, I guess its not worth carrying on then is it. Or is it? Let me tell you a quick story.  

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What if by telling a story, someone’s life would change? What if stories were more than just things to amuse people? What if ‘Once upon a time…’ really did have a happy ending? What if you already have this ability?

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