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In Life there are some people worth knowing and a few worth un-knowing. Some years ago when I was putting together some of my NLP stuff and I came across Tom, I don’t remember where, or what though we exchanged a few emails and in one of his emails out to people he had written…

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Snakes? Maybe. Spiders? Some people are. Flying? Possibly. What about a small dark space? Maybe again. But……they’re all a myth. I’m about to uncover what it is you fear. A fear that without thinking drives you to different decisions every single day. The Good, The Bad and The Ugly. How to read this ‘document of…

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NLP & Resolutions Believe it or Not The turkey has fattened the New Years resolution and the party spirit waned and in need of vitality for the year ahead, while on the shelf dusty and hidden lay the resolutions from new years past. How do you plan to make this year’s resolutions different? Are you…

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Why You Can’t Get What You Want The secret of momentum and movement to success Change happens naturally. It’s a part of being human and it’s a part of being in existence. The un-natural way of change is when you try and force the change you want, either change that’s from an addiction like smoking,…

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