Introvert or Extrovert Which One Are You?

The Test Answers

  • If the ‘Acid test’ produced little or no change and the lick tests are similar in length then this is a demonstration that your personality profile is that of an extrovert.
  • If the ‘lick lengths’ were different and you produced more saliva then this indicates that you have a personality profile of an introvert.

The degree of difference between the lick lengths will indicate the degree by which your personality traits are that of an introvert.

Imagine at one end of the scale is introvert, the other extrovert: –

The greater the difference the more introverted you are.

As an indication, if your initial lick length was 6 inches and your final lick length after the lemon was 1.5 metres, then your at the far end of introversion, if its about 18 inches then probably you sit somewhere in the middle.

Why does this happen?

The amount of saliva that you produce as a result of the lemon juice indicates the degree to which your senses are stimulated and therefore you either produce saliva as a result of the stimulation or not. The amount of excess saliva also indicates how sensitive to stimuli you may be.

Therefore the acidity of the lemon stimulates our receptors and produces saliva; the more you salivate the less stimulation you require. The less saliva you create the greater stimulation your senses require.

What’s this to do with Introverts or Extroverts?

Think of it this way, if a novel provides a lot of stimulation and satisfaction then the ‘degree’ by which you need stimulating to achieve this is less than if you need to go skydiving or bungee jumping.

So an introverted person is someone who needs less stimulation to be happy compared to the extrovert who needs more stimulation.

What this means to you

Introversion and extroversion have little or nothing to do with social ability and likeness and more to do with the amount of stimulation you require to achieve a state of ‘happiness’.

(Happiness: (used loosely) as the act of knowing you are happy only happens after the event of being/doing. Probably more accurately the desired state is one of being ‘yourself’ and of personal achievement – I am sure you’ll have your own word for this)

The more stimulation you need to get to this state the more you will attempt to find solutions that require you to seek ‘riskier, adventurous, and daring’ solutions.

The less stimulation you need, the less need you have to bungee jump every day.

However, here’s what’s interesting about it…

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  • Pete Dean

    Reply Reply April 2, 2014

    I did the test and found that I’m in the middle.

    I thought I’d be an extrovert. I guess this is a good thing at least my girlfriend won’t expect me to go out all the time when in fact i’d prefer a night in.

    Cool stuff

  • Angela34

    Reply Reply April 2, 2014

    I’ve always felt stigmatized as an introvert and have found it hard to get jobs because when they did the personality profiling they said the job required someone who was more outgoing.

    I’m a very outgoing person, but need time to myself. This really helps and next time I’m looking for a job I’ll point them here to this article.

    Thank you!


  • Kerry Gakkin

    Reply Reply April 2, 2014

    Not sure about the test. It shows I don’t need a lot of stimulation, but I don’t get why it says I’m an extrovert.

    I am an extrovert, I love to party and am outoing and just speak without thinking about it.

    But i’d like to think a bit more before I say things. Will this help?


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