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To make sense of this video – you have to DO what you see. If you don’t you won’t understand the key fundamental principles and experience for Self-Development and Personal Transformation If you have done the experiment it will make sense. If not…

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Discover the typical personal coaching model and the reason why it fails you if you want to manage your own personal change. This model is found in training seminars as well as one to one coaching. Part II Below is where we really want to get to View the video here Incantations Part II  

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Steve Jobs a man that took play into work and made it fun. A man that had a vision and made it real. A true warrior knows his actions may be his last. He makes everything he does as if it is his last. Death is his advisor, and reminds him each day of his…

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This video opens up the biggest myth and misconception in the personal development industry today. Have you ever wondered why it is that some people have what seems to be ‘miraculous change’, while others struggle. Have you ever wondered why some personal development tools – just don’t work? Have you ever thought why it is…

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I’ve just put up a new video and 24 minute audio MP3 In the video you get to learn what the prime purpose of ‘Hypnosis’ really is AND why it is we make bad decisions and when not to make decisions that can seriously affect what happens! This is never before seen stuff Go…

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