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  • BlueBell

    Tramadol For Sale Cheap October 11, 2011

    Hey Rob,
    I sat quietly watching your last video and have anticipated this nxt one…without sounding silly…you’ve turned my light on! I think there is an old-fashioned approach to personal development that has existed for far too long and I have often wondered what the next generation of pd will be. I guess now I know. Thanks so much for investing the time in what you’re doing. I’m glad I’m now a Rebel 🙂
    Look forward to the next video.

  • Vicci

    Order Tramadol With Paypal October 11, 2011

    Thanks Rob,

    This really resonates with me, I have been thinking around this for a while. Can’t wait for the next installment.

  • For years, I think I’ve seen ‘personal development zombies’ paradoxically paralysed with choice attending even more courses to find out ‘what’s REALLY going on’.

    This is the closest explanation I’ve seen.

    I experienced a little of your emotional message, Rob and know….

  • LoftyGit

    Buying Tramadol October 11, 2011

    As someone that has collected books and information on various self help techniques, without actually practising them, the message in your video hit me right where it hurts.

    It is easy to hide behind one’s piles of books like a barricade, sheltering from the demons you imagine lie on the other side. If one ever gets the feeling of having to do something, you can always try and satisfy it by dusting them down or reorganising them.

    So, how to get this change of mind? How to learn to trust in oneself? How to learn from teachers/coaches/trainers/books and not depend on them. How to get Rob a new crayon that works.

    Will these questions—and many others—be answered in the next episode of…RebelCode?

    Lets wait and see.

    • Rob Ballentine

      Tramadol Online Overnight Credit Card October 11, 2011

      Thank you for your comment and great analagy. The walls are built – for what purpose??

      Yes the questions will begin to be answered. And I hope more questions will come as a result of this too.


      PS I’ve got bunch of new crayons 🙂

  • Victoria McKay

    Buy 100Mg Tramadol Online October 11, 2011

    I thought this was a great video.

    Really thought provoking and made me take a step back and look at myself. I am one of those people who want to learn and read books as I consistently ask myself “How can I be a better person, how can I be better” The answer lye’s with me and me alone.

    This finished with me wanting the next instalment to understand what skills do I have and how can I identify them within me so that I can stand alone and rely on me and me alone. Will the next video help me with this?

    Very much enjoyed it Rob – thank you.

    • Rob Ballentine

      Purchase Tramadol Online Cod October 11, 2011


      Thanks for posting. You’re asking great questions. ~:-)

      “This finished with me wanting the next instalment to understand what skills do I have and how can I identify them within me so that I can stand alone and rely on me and me alone”

      And I will answer these too.


  • Enjoyed the video Rob and yes I agree with you and Victoria the answer lies within us.

    A book that a coach introduced me to, ‘Immunity to change’ Robert Kegan I found particularly useful in looking at why I continue doing things a certain way when I want something else. By understanding what benefits I get from staying the same, I can use this awareness to put measures in place to make the real changes I desire.

    • Rob Ballentine

      Tramadol Cheap Uk October 12, 2011

      Hi Jaqui,

      Thank you. I like the title of ‘Immunity to change’. When we begin to experience the underlaying patterns that prevent us from moving where we want to go, this is the start of knowing that it is possible. Then it’s just a question of how.

      Great insight.


  • Hello Rob, I enjoyed your video. Being busy, as I am sure all of you who would find their way to this page, I usually don’t watch 14 minutes of any video unless it really grabs and keeps my attention. This one did. You talk about how NLP is help from “others” and how it is more advantageous to learn how to help ourselves. I like that. It would be amazing to teach others to find their resources within, the world’s inhabitants could get to a much more positive place, much faster. I am curious what you will will be offering, and what techniques you are promoting to access those resources without the help of a book, a therapist or a coach/trainer. I suppose it takes a coach/trainer to find out how to help yourself… 🙂

    • Rob Ballentine

      Tramadol Purchase Online Uk October 12, 2011


      Thanks. In making the videos, you become aware of the time aspect – it’s so easy to just keep going and I still think to myself…was that too long!

      So thanks for the feedback, it’s great to hear 🙂

      Contrary to many people who get into the PD industry, I didn’t do it for PD, rather I was fascinated by the subject…and happend to get some changes along the way.. which was kinda’ cool. And so I’m totally with you when you say – it would be amazing to teach others to find their resources within.


  • Frank

    Tramadol Online October 11, 2011

    Thought provoking video.

    So can we find someone to model who HAS taken the techniques of NLP etc and used them on themselves? After all they are tools and so they can be used on self and others (or is that like DIY brain surgery?)

    Keep em coming!


    • Rob Ballentine

      Buy Generic Tramadol Online October 12, 2011

      Hi Frank,

      Yes! – In a nutshell that’s what I’m doing with the videos. I did this PD stuff on myself before I knew about NLP and over the last however many years in teaching and training the NLP Prac Master Prac etc have tested and checked the models of PD with my students…both tested against the current models and without.

      They’ll be coming.

      Thanks for posting – great question.


  • Hi Rob, I really enjoyed the video. It resonates completely with me… I too have been on the PD trip for well over 12 years. I’ve studied NLP, CBT & other various models.

    Over the last few years I have been pondering the exact same questions that you are asking. For me that meant letting go of much of what I had learned… unlearning what I had thought was who I was. My journey has become more spiritual & more about using my intuition & higher self to guide me. I did however find a teacher that assisted me with this Gangaji is her name. (But I love the fact that she facilitated an opening & there is no reliance on her or need to see her again) She invited me to find my own truth, to embrace the fear or whatever emotion/problem is here. It is very freeing to no longer rely on my mind as my survival mechanism or more education. I am free to experience whatever happens whether it be heartache/joy/bliss or sadness. Falling into what ever is here without all the story is where I have found the true me.

    Thanks for your great work & I look forward to your next video. Say hi to Zarn for me ♥

    • Rob Ballentine

      Online Tramadol Cod October 12, 2011

      Hi Nicole,

      How ya doin’?

      Using our intuition is the basis for this personal development. I don’t want to go into it in detail here. As there is a way to use it properly.

      Finding a teacher as a guide or mentor is great as it allows us to keep in check our thinking ‘as long as we don’t think that their world view is right either!’ 🙂 rather another description of a possible world view to give us choice in our actions. Well done 🙂

      I’ll see you on the next video (if you know what I mean)

      I’ll tell Zarn,



  • Amina Khalifa

    Order Tramadol Overnight Uk October 26, 2011

    Rob, you really say what many of us feel… A true leader is the one who leads others to coach themselves, and get the change from within.
    Waiting for your next video 🙂

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