Wake Up Amazing

How to wake up feeling amazing and have a great nights sleep!

Last night, I felt sluggish, tired and a bit down.

I’d spend the last 3 weeks madly getting our new site up. 12 hour days, 7 days a week in front of a PC, square eyes, stiff back…exhausted.

Last night was going to be just another night of tired, irritable sleep….but it wasn’t

When I went to bed my face was tense, screwed up like I’d eaten a lemon and I must have looked like a punchbag’.

I refused to wake up tired, miserable and exhausted again so where’s what I did, and here’s what you can do to wake up refreshed, alive and having had a good nights sleep


I lay there a few moments and let every muscle relax in my face. No tensing and letting go, just letting go.

Ahh.. this felt much better.

I then looked inside and noticed…”Why I’m not feeling too great either, A bit under the weather’

Mmmm that gave me an idea.

The weather

I love the sun, I feel great, alive and happy with it.

But I wasn’t last night.

What if…

So I lay there and imagined the sun rising from the centre of my head, slowly changing and only as quickly or as slowly as need be for the gentle colour and feelings to wash outward, down from inside to out, as well as the feelings I have of when I’m in the sun and feel SO alive and happy.

The trick here, was not to force it, but to let it be gentle and move only at the pace where, if there was resistance it would wash through it rather than try to force a change in state.

Boy…Did I just feel GREAT. I mean REALLY good.


I didn’t even notice that voyage of slipping to sleep. Only that I woke some time later in the morning, very refreshed alert and happy inside.

Now today…I feel the sun inside.

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