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Leave a comment โ€“ Let me know how you got on. Also Please hit the LIKE button.

(To get access to this video please sign up on the right hand-side to get your pass-code)

To get VIDEO 4 (Belief Chaining) You need to sign up to RebelCode FANPAGE by hitting the LIKE button to your right. Then go to the VIDEOS section.


  • David

    September 15, 2012

    Hey Rob,

    Great stuff and thanks for sharing these videos on beliefs. Does it matter if I don’t get a strong feeling associated with the states required? I seem to get a very minute subtle feeling and a memory and will pop up along with a picture of the memory but that seems to be about it. I am guessing that states will come out easier and easier with practice and so I am thinking that the techniques wont be as effective until I can evoke a strong state? Also how long does it take for these beliefs to take hold and manifest?

    I recently watched a fascinating video on youtube about beliefs called The Biology of Beliefs with Bruce Lipton. That video has inspired me and opened up my eyes to what I have been doing wrong all these years. Consciously I have wanted to change and I have been very motivated to do so but what I learnt from that video is that unless I change the programming of the subconscious and learn to communicate with it in an effective way it’s not going to make much difference. Hell I’m up to my eyeballs with insights and great ideas from the books I’ve read but consciously knowing these ideas and principles seems to have made no difference or very little anyway. The key is to get them in the subconscious.

    I highly recommend you having a look if you haven’t done so already. Theres 2 parts. The first is with Bruce Lipton and the second is with Rob williams (The psychology of change) where he shares a techinque called muscle testing to check responses from the subconscious.

    Thanks again for the videos


  • Rob Ballentine

    September 17, 2012

    Hi Dave,
    It doesn’t matter if you don’t get a strong feeling. In time you’ll learn to experience stronger ones. Much of this is about recognising the kinaesthetic signal related to the state.

    The technique will be effective, though like many things practice helps.

    The beliefs to take hold and manifest: One way of testing it is, now you have the new belief ‘state’, when you think of the old belief – what either a) first comes to mind b) how do you feel about it? If you still ‘think’ the same, then it may require a little more work. If however you don’t get any of the ‘old’ belief feeling then its changed.

    To know the effects of the new belief/state is rather like – how long is a piece of string. Unless you know the context with which the ‘old’ belief was performing and you knew the behaviours associated with it – if you were to enter into that same/similar context – do you/are you doing anything different.

    Another way to test it, is to image a future scenario whereby the old/belief/behviours would have occurred now notice what you do differently if you were to enter into that context now with your new belief.

    I’m still going through the Bruce Lipton videos, they look and sound very interesting.

    RebelCode is built on the premise of ‘unconscious’ signaling systems. All of the (well all in my experience of all) NLP Practitioner and Master practitioner programmes has been re-coded to utilise the ‘signalling system’.

    I’ve found this a very effective means to utilize the role of the unconscious in the decision making process.

    You may wish to watch the Royal Road to Change video on RebelCode that goes into it in more depth and why.

    Te-Coding the NLP material took time as there are different ways of doing an exercise/process when using the unconscious mind. So just having a signal system is a great start – but there are ways to do it that work and ways to do it, that make it more arduous.

    We have to think of the UC signals (using Yes/No/Unsure)as a logic system. Again practice makes …

    I’m going to share a full 3 day Ericksonian Hypnosis course I ran, on here, v.soon – this will include the work to work directly with the U/C.

    What has been presented on RebelCode are ways for people to access this far more easily than is currently taught in most programmes. Though it does require a bit of practice to solidify it.

    I hope this answers your questions at this stage ๐Ÿ˜‰ If you have any more do post them on here or on FB



  • Dave

    October 17, 2012

    Hey Rob,

    A few questions came to mind when I went through the process the other day.

    Firstly, if I believe that something is already possibly do I put it through the whole process again or do I simply go from possibility to certainty?
    Secondly, I want success in trading the foregin exchange markets, yet when I hear of others people success a resentment feeling comes up and I think to myself “I want that.” I feel this resentment feeling is a self sabbotage to my success in trading. I also seem to be WANTING to succeed in this so much that when I lose sometimes it feels like life or death and I am invoked into a very negative state of being. It sounds crazy but I just wanted to be honest to get the most out of this and maybe someone else out there can relate to what I am saying and benefit also.
    Can you give a brief outline as to what I should to to apply the belief change process to the statements above?

    Thanks again mate.


  • Rob Ballentine

    October 23, 2012

    Hey Dave,

    if I believe that something is already possibly do I put it through the whole process again or do I simply go from possibility to certainty”

    Go from possibility to certainty

    I want success in trading the foregin exchange markets, yet when I hear of others people success a resentment feeling comes up and I think to myself โ€œI want that.โ€


    when I lose sometimes it feels like life or death and I am invoked into a very negative state of being

    …I would suggest are two discreet states and beliefs associated to them. Likely they’re part of a belief cluster. That is a cluster of beliefs that form a deeper belief and value.

    I’d either a) treat them separately or b) search for the belief that binds them.

    If coaching someone I’d go for the binding belief as changing this would undoubtedly change the cluster of beliefs too (and is easier to do one than two!)

    One way of finding out the binding belief is to place each belief on the floor in separate locations (it’s easier to sort them spatially this way as it allows you to track what you’re doing.

    Step into each belief/state and get the feeling up in your body. Step out and shake it off (you’re wanting a neutral state)

    Do this for each belief/state

    Standing in a third spot (say in a triangular layout) stare into the centre of the triangle with ‘soft eyes and defocused – a slight trance state) and allow your body to draw the feelings from each of the other locations either one at a time or simultaneously to create the binding belief state

    (ie what do each parts of the states have in common as part of a cluster that forms the deeper belief) You want this to be an unconscious formation as the deeper belief will probably be out of awareness. Therefore what you’re attempting to do is bring it into your attention.

    WARNING: At this point you may well begin to feel agitated, uncomfortable or have unpleasant feelings. (I’m not saying this is going to happen, though if it does this is fine and OK) You’ll probably want to escape it and get out. Stay with it only short enough to know that you’ve captured the state.

    It isn’t important if you know what they belief is, other than you know it exists.

    You may get images or scenes in your mind about the occurrence of the belief or contexts in which it manifests itself. This is also OK.

    Once you have it just ‘STEP OUTSIDE’ of the triangle and do a BIG shake off – Go for a walk or some such other activity to change your state.

    At this point it’s worth noting that beliefs are not true representations of who you are, they act as ways to make the world manageable and understandable. They are not true. They seek evidence to confirm their existence, though this evidence can also be spurious enough and isn’t based on truisms. There will be counter examples to the beliefs, either in your personal history or that of other people. If there’s a counter example then the belief does not hold true. (there will be counter examples)

    So at this point you can know with the knowledge that the belief was useful at some point in helping you achieve something at the time, though now today with your updated knowledge of who you are and what you do and have experienced over the years there will no doubt be examples contrary to its existence.


    That done – you can now run the belief change process as laid out in the videos ๐Ÿ™‚

    The above process is called ‘The Belief Triangle’ created by me.

    Let me know how you get on.