Origyn is a fully accredited and certified NLP training institute. Since ’98 Robert Ballentine became one of the first to achieve the NLP Trainers Training Certification with the GTCC run by NLP University in Santa Cruz, California, USA.

NLP University

Robert Dilts (Co-Founder NLP, Co-Developer Systemic NLP) and Judith DeLozier (Co-Founder of NLP, Co-Developer New Code NLP) run NLP University and are two of the most respected NLP Trainers and developers in the world.

Robert, one of the most prolific NLP Authors and contributors to NLP as a field instigated and designed the first NLP Practitioner programmes in the ealy 1980’s and along with Judith DeLozier created Systemic NLP.

Judith along with John Grinder (NLP Co-Creator), co-created New Code NLP as a shift in emphasis to re-pattern NLP from its first inception as a technique (ritual) based set of tools; as a response from earlier techniques, that were not to John and Judith’s mind, providing people with the wisdom they felt should be there that does not come with a piece of technology; to a second description developed from different roots.

Vision of the GTCC

The vision of the Global NLP Training and Consulting Community is that of a worldwide network of competent trainers and consultants who share the mission of bringing the presuppositions and practices of NLP to social systems, organizations, groups and individuals.

Mission of the GTCC

The mission of the Global NLP Training and Consulting Community is to transform the way that people learn, interact and work together. This will be accomplished by applying the vast body of knowledge of NLP to empower others through learning, partnership and coaching. The members of this community will work with others to:

  • provide the tools, skills and strategies necessary to promote effective learning and ecological change
  • help bring the epistemology, methodology and technology of NLP to social systems, organizations and individuals in order to enable them to reach their desired outcomes
  • use NLP tools and skills in service of others to help them do more and make more of their lives
  • promote generativity and mutual creativity in order to develop new methods, models and tools for learning and change

The Vision & Mission statements have been extracted from NLPU GTCC Community Page © Robert Dilts 2009

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