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And this is how it happened for Tammy & Steve…

[testimonial company=”L&D Manager” author=”Tammy Sherwood” ]
“As I’m Due To Be Made Redundant Soon”

I am thinking positive and keeping optimistic that this will be a big opportunity for me – not where I would have been prior to my NLP course with you. (Emailed to me 25/01/2011)

[testimonial company=”Entrepreneur” author=”Steve Hurren” ]

“2 Near Fatal Car Accidents”

Tammy isn’t the only one to have used their skills to get what they want. Steve, also on the same course 3 years ago suffered 2 near fatal car accidents – he was a self-employed taxi-chauffeur driver. He suffered severe injuries that left him without a short term memory.

4 weeks ago he called me up to say, “please keep sending the emails” because they help him to stay positive and that after the accidents, every day, he uses one of the New Code NLP techniques to help him keep his life going. He now runs a successful on-line shop because he’d learnt the tools to know how to be confident and create his own future far more effectively and easily than without.

Together they also had learnt how to create the space that allowed them to have their own freedom. A freedom that comes without chains.


Just some of what you’ll gain from this NLP Practitioner Programme



This special NLP Practitioner has been developed over the years to help you gain more control, freedom and self-expression, in home, at work and at play.

This NLP Practitioner course is an outstanding programme of change, learning, skills, tools and techniques that underpin your ability to achieve your life dreams far more easily than without.

A world class course that covers everything you need to learn to become a fully qualified NLP Practitioner and more. Because you’ll:-

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  • Know how to change that ‘feeling of being stuck’ (you know the one)
  • Be able to get to do the things that you really always wanted to, but never felt you could
  • Not even have to think whether you’re confident ever again. (because you just naturally are)
  • Not have conversations again about feeling down…(because that’s not you anymore)
  • Have strategies, tools and skills to create a secure future for you and your family
  • With precision, have skills that put you on the stadium as ‘the communicator’
  • Be the person that people look up to for answers
  • Be the person that easily and naturally engages others in conversation


Differences That Makes A Difference

As well as the NLP Practitioner course syllabus you’ll also learn the secrets to making your NLP effective and easy. These have been developed and tested over the last 16 years and this is why we get the testimonials that we do.



[tabtext]The Full Syllabus + [/tabtext]

[tabtext]NLP Integration Technique[/tabtext]

[tabtext]The When and Where[/tabtext]

[tabtext]Unconscious vs Conscious[/tabtext]

[tabtext]Changing Decisions[/tabtext]

[tabtext]Persuasion & Influence[/tabtext]

[tabtext]Metaphorical Self[/tabtext]

[/tabcontainer] [tabcontent]

Learn the full NLP Practitioner Syllabus with the 3 major discoveries. ‘Integration Pattern, Elegant Persuasion, The Metaphorical Self. These additional learnings that you’ll find here make the difference that makes a difference in how well you learn, understand and eventually apply your NLP Practitioner material back at home and into your life.

Ability to use the NLP Integration Technique with all of the NLP applications you learn. This means you’ll understand how to combine techniques and integrate them together. You’ll learn the rules behind the techniques and why they work.

The failure of many NLP Practitioner programmes in their training is to demonstrate how to integrate and combine techniques together. This failure has lead to unconfident practitioners that don’t know how and why to use their skills in other situations, other than just the ones they’ve been taught.

This means your ability to be creative and adaptable in all that you’ve learnt has been stumped unless you empley years of diligent practice. I give you the tools you need to know how to do this today.

The when and where to use the techniques, not just the how.

We have learnt to understand through our own mistakes and those of other NLP Training programmes that what makes a difference, is in – not just knowing how to use the skills you’ll learn but even more importantly the When and Where. Many NLP Practitioners fail to understand which techniques to apply in situtations because they don’t understand when and where to use them. So they become ‘unconfident ‘ in what it is they’ve learnt.

Unconscious vs Conscious – The difference between using either one at certain times and why you would want to use one in preference of the other is a must to understand ;how to change’ and create the level of rapport and relationship needed.

Because there are times when you just don’t want to involve the unconscious (directly) and vice versa. Therefore its important to have a way of knowing when to use either one and not do it by guess work. (after all we all know what happens with guess work and where that gets us)

How to change someone’s decision. The right way to do it so that its natural and engaging not aggressive and bullish. Influencing to change peoples decisions is best done so that it’s natural and engaging. Most people try and bully, push or persuade, all this does it gets peoples backs up and you end up further away from what you wanted in the first place.

However there is away to help people naturally engage in changing their decisions – even ones they thought they would never change! (as long as it helps them)

The THREE Step Formula to elegant persuasion. No complex techniques and patterns to learn, just ‘what works’.

Persuading people is hard, even with NLP techniques because you need to understand and know ‘how they all fit together’ as well as a clear understanding of peoples own patterns.

However, a few years ago I discovered a very simple, elegant and powerful way that allows you to influence and persuade people much more easily.

The Metaphorical Self – One of the fastest trance induction techniques, how to overcome double binds (the catch 22), manoeuvre clients easily and gracefully to change. The language interface of the conscious and unconscious giving you precision over your work.

For 16 years I’ve been developing and using this powerful process to create oustanding and sublime change. The elegance and simplicity for change makes many techniques redundent because as Richard Bandler points out “The Royal Road to Change is the Unconscious”. Metaphors are that Royal Road because they ARE that interface..



Why people join this course

  • Delivered over 8 days with 9 days learning time in an accelerated learning format.
  • Not theory, just real life examples that you can apply straight away
  • NewCode NLP that makes your change last
  • As a seasoned NLPer with years of experience in business and personal change, you get what you need.


How My Experience Can Help You


[author] [author_image timthumb=’on’][/author_image] [author_info]Since 1994 Robert has designed and delivered training to public and private sectors and has some really cool clients including Blackberry, The RAF, Nuffield Health, Virgin Mobile & QinetiQ. He is highly skilled in his field with over 20 years experience in training and personal development.

He has changed many lives and now has an elite following. Robert has also been trained by and worked with John Grinder co-creator of NLP.

Because of his diverse experience & knowledge Robert is able to help people in so many different areas.[/author_info] [/author]


What Will I Learn On This NLP Practitioner Course

On this course you’ll learn the structure of your experience how you do what you do and thus the life you have created.

From this, you’ll understand the many ways in which you’ll be able to make the shifts and changes in yourself to positively affect your life.

You’ll also be learning the main principles and structures behind elegant persuasion and influence, how people communicate verbally and non-verbally and thus how to modify what you do to get what you want as well as how you create and can change your habits and have more of what you really want.



Designed using an accelerated learning system, this means the NLP you learn is through ‘Unconscious Assimilation’, that what you’ve learnt is embedded into your everyday behaviours.

This means you don’t have to think about ‘which technique’ – ‘which pattern’ – you find that you just do it, in the same way that you now don’t think about which leg to put forward first to walk, you just get up and walk. This is the optimal way to learn.

There are no –

Pre-Study learning materials – which means you don’t spend 50 hours before the course, going through endless DVD’s or CD’s when you’d rather be relaxing at home.


Just Some Of What You’ll Be Able To Do

It’s never enough just learning the skills, you want to be able to apply them back into your life, because this is where you want to use them.

Here are a few of the things you’ll have as a result of this NLP Practitioner.

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  • Create rapport with anyone quickly and easily.
  • Have techniques to easily overcome fears and obstacles.
  • Be naturally persuasive in any interaction.
  • Easily become confident in yourself and your abilities.
  • Have increased self worth and self esteem in all that you do.
  • Understand why people do what they do and know how to influence them.
  • Know your true strengths and use them to get more of what you want.
  • Put yourself back in control of your emotional states.
  • Have the skills & know-how to help your loved-ones, friends & colleagues.
  • Know why you repeat ‘the same old patterns’ and how to change them.
  • Be in control of your life and future.




[testimonial company=”Sales Executive” author=”Vicky Vanderman” ][youtube yvjKW3Uy9rg 210 172]
It has been life changing and moments where its been really powerful. Its exceeded any expectation that I had completly 100 times over and its really going to change my life going forward and was made personal to me. Very much a personal experience. I wouldn’t want to do it with 400 people en-mass watching someone on stage.

[testimonial company=”Vodafone” author=”Martin Gurran” ][youtube g0zYBoGCMb4 210 172]
Been on the big one with Richard Bandler, looking back I coudn’t remember things, it just seemed like an experience. It was very impersonal and was about him, like a concert. This course was about the people, not just the course. I felt touched by it, taken away more than just the basic skills. Much more amazing in a way, holistic, inspirational. It wasn’t rehearsed, or canned.

[testimonial company=”Rockwell Collins” author=”Rachel Evens” ][youtube 01c6fIL4aV0 210 172]
Diagnosed with Meniere’s Disease – causing me a lot of discomfort and pain. and I’m absolutely amazed I’m leaving this course with no pain! Have seen several specialists this year and was under the impression it was something I would have to live with for the rest of my life

[testimonial company=”ChemDry” author=”Kevin Carver” ][youtube w8SXRSnwRoQ 210 172]
This is course is definitely the place to grow – 80% of the things covered on the course I can use daily – early stages way outside comfort zone but soon brought back inside – It’s confusing when looking for a course. Very well presented I ‘d recommend it! Really should have done it earlier. Thank you very much

[testimonial company=”Sales Executive” author=”Dominic Mathias” ][youtube jnR6dEDg6-s 210 172]
Been a really useful 8 days, I would recommend it, teacher was very good, group dynamics work well – come here because you’ll learn more than you think you will




[testimonial company=”Vodafone” author=”Maria Webster” ][youtube FF3QuO9NPSQ 210 172]
What really hit home was the idea of the unconscious. Something that’s a real life changer that I’ll be able to take forward. Come on the course and be ready for a life changing experience. I didn’t know what to expect and got far more than what I imagined.

[testimonial company=”Vodafone” author=”Steve Hurren” ][youtube C4zmIZqXlNY 210 172]
This course is definitly a voyage of discovery. I like the way it was delivered, planned out and not given a timetable of when things were going to happen. It was done just right.

[testimonial company=”Vodafone” author=”Gavin Mountford” ][youtube KUIX4tQ9v_A 210 172]
What an amazing Journey. I’ve learnt so much about myself. Its going to be sad to leave. Certainly I’ll be going on the next course the Master Practitioner. To change other peoples lives, thats what Rob’s done, he’s a fantastic teacher. Its been fantastic I’ve enjoyed no end.

[testimonial company=”Vodafone” author=”Anita Gates” ][youtube 84eyaYjAmHs 210 172]
I really enjoyed it, it’s been really amazing for me. Lots of change, learnt SO much. Such a relaxed atmosphere. I’d recommend for anyone to do it.

[testimonial company=”Vodafone” author=”Diane Baldock” ][youtube 7WjJG4Kh-Oc 210 172]
Came along with curiosity and ‘skeptisism’. Began to notice changes in myself straight away. Its been a really good experience and ask people why not give it a go.

[testimonial company=”Vodafone” author=”Pip Keys” ][youtube oq2jVx8Ge14 210 172]
Been an amazing experience, we’ve all built really deep rapport with each other. I’d jsut say that its incredibly empowering and I’ve learnt alot about myself and will take away stuff I can use at work. Do it – Just DO IT!



The Specifics Of What You’ll Learn



“The Techniques & Patterns of NLP”

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  • Rapport – Get in “sync” with anyone where you can develop deeper and more meaningful relationships through unconscious interaction.
  • Calibration – You’ll learn the art of responding to non-verbal messages and stop second guessing what someone else is thinking.
  • Representational Systems – How you comprehend your experience so that you know how to communicate effectively with anyone.
  • Logical Levels – Logical Types, Chunking and how you create problems and solutions at different levels
  • Epistemolgoy – You will learn the foundation of beliefs, perceptions and values, and your behaviours which flow from them, so that you can create ones that are more compelling, satisfying and enriching of who you are and where you want to be.




“Specific NLP Patterns & Techniques”

[custom_list type=”dot“]

  • Submodalities – The building blocks of your mind and what drivers can change any experience.
  • Anchoring formats – How you can create powerful, high performance mental and emotional states.
  • Time Lines – You will learn how time influences your perception and how to use it for things like, Strategic Planning, Changing Personal History, Creating Certainty, Diffusing Expectations and much more…
  • Subconscious Signals – Working with your sub-conscious for creative solutions to problems, where you just don’t know the answer.
  • Strategies – How to use and design internal processes you use to make decisions, get motivated, learn & do anything.
  • Creating high performance states
  • Triple description
  • The new-code of NLP Unconscious signals
  • New Code of NLP Language models Change processes, pattern interrupts, walking time lines
  • Integration and Testing
  • The art of Framing outcome, intention and consequence model present state – desired state model




“Language For a Change”

[custom_list type=”check“]

  • The Meta- Model – You will discover the true art of elegant questioning and persuasion.
  • The Milton-Model – Here you will learn entrancing language that is effective for business, marketing, sales and transformative change.
  • Verbal Package – Understanding and using precision questioning techniques for inquiry.
  • Metaphor – Know how to use metaphor to get your message across without any resistance.
  • Vocal dynamics – Influencing the way people respond to you using vocal dynamics and changing the way they think by the change in your tone of voice.




“Powerful Change & Influence”

[custom_list type=”dot“]

  • nStep Reframe – Learn how you can create powerful change for your personal evolution and health.
  • The Swish Pattern – Have habits you don’t want? This is the technique to change them.
  • Phobia Cure – Do you have a phobia that you wish would just go? Learn this and know how cure phobias or fears.
  • Parts Integration – Learn how to negotiate and resolve any conflict.
  • New Code NLP – You will learn the wisdom of using your unconscious processes to generate new ways of acting, being and behaving.
  • Framing Formats – Learn your mental mind sets and how to influence change by understanding the frames we put around them.
  • PACER – You will discover the directive goal and measurement tool that makes making decisions easy and effective.



You’ll ALSO Learn



“The 3 Discoveries”

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  • The Integration Technique – how to integrate the most ‘powerful change agent’ into all of the NLP Applications such as, Collapsing and Sliding anchors (all anchoring formats including the Circle of Excellence and Ultimate Excellence) , Conflict Resolution, Time-line, Change Personal History, Submodality mapping across, Perceptual Positions, Neurological Levels Alignment and much much more!
  • Elegant Influence & Persuasion – The 3 step formula to successful persuasion – SO APPLICABLE for those in sales and marketing. How to use this to knock out your competitors when negotiating, in 1 easy manoeuvre. Leaving you at the head of the table.
  • The Metaphorical Self – You’ll learn the language of the unconscious mind and how to interpret the rules to make any change seem like child’s play.



Your NLP Certificate & NLP Accreditation

Origyn is a fully accredited and certified NLP training institute. Since ’98 Robert Ballentine became one of the first to achieve the NLP Trainers Training Certification with the GTCC run by NLP University in Santa Cruz, California, USA.

Your NLP Certificate is recognised world wide by other leading NLP Institutions and Is authorized by NLP University (the people that brought the NLP Practitioner syllabus to the world)


The NLP Practitioner Programme

Your ability to provide the feedback to others will help them in knowing how it will affect their lives. So this means that what you are learning is ‘how to self-model’ what you’ve been taught. This self modelling is exactly how John Grinder and Richard Bandler first started NLP and that knowing the mechanics of how and why the techniques works DOES make a difference to your ability to know what to do and which applications and techniques that are going to work, given the presenting situation.

When & Where

WHEN – The course is taking place on:

  • Saturday 14th August to Saturday 21st August
  • From10.00am on the 1st Saturday until 6.00pm
  • and every other day 9.00am until 6.00pm

…with appropriate breaks and lunch in between

WHERE – The course is held at:

  • The Blue Mountain Conference Centre in Bracknell, Berkshire.
  • 40 minutes train journey from Central London and within easy access
    (10 minutes drive) of the M3 and M4 motorways.


Start today for as little as £1297


Initial deposit of only £297 with the balance to be collected 30 days before the course starts either by Cheque, Bank Transfer or Credit/Debit Card

Payment Plans can be organised please contact us either by phone (01252 861351) or email (contact us) to discuss


Pressing the Join Button will take you to the PayPal Site where you can book by credit card or contact the office on 01252 861351

By booking on this course I accept the Terms & Conditions

And the last word from Maria 18 months after her first NLP Practitioner…


[testimonial company=”Master Practitioner” author=”Maria Webster” ][youtube pL5PTSum46M ]


What others have to say about this NLP Practitioner

[testimonial company=”RAF” author=”Sacha Pilkington” ]I came on the course because of an interest in the techniques and a desire to learn new skills to use in my work. I never expected the personal change I made in such an intense way over just a few days.Whilst at times I was maybe a little sceptical about certain elements, my mind was absolutely convinced about it all after some incredibly powerful experiences which have significantly changed my perspective on my own life. For that I am truly grateful [/testimonial]
[testimonial company=”Business Analyst” author=”Belinda McKenna” ]Sunday was fantastic and the more I reflect on the work we did the more amazing the experience becomes.We’re very lucky to be part of your vision and your personal dream and I just wanted to say thank you. I feel very honoured and humbled by your generosity and hope that we can continue that particular journey.[/testimonial]
[testimonial company=”” author=”Caroline Jones” ]I knew I waned to train in NLP but didn’t appreciate why! Now I know why![/testimonial]


[testimonial company=”Eclesiastical Student” author=”Gemma Robbins” ]
Life changing is a complete understatement. So many connections made to make my map clearer



[testimonial company=”” author=”Kristin Jonsdottir” ]
An unmissable journey! An amazing experience! Well worth the investment & and I would highly recommend to anyone looking to enlightened their lives and enrich their performance.



[testimonial company=”CEO Gamut Foundation” author=”Laura Witjens” ]

I just loved the course and loved the learning.

Being a smaller group felt safe and allowed all of us to delve deeper than we would have done in another environment.

Thanks again for the journey


Start Today Your NLP Practitioner

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