Our NLP Trainers Training course will take your training staff from little knowledge of NLP to trainers who are competent in delivering highly effective training programmes and influential coaching sessions using NLP as a medium for delivery.

Providing training teams with the necessary skills and techniques to enhance staff coaching and training sessions using a NLP Trainers Training approach. This approach delivers a set of core NLP techniques that are required to understand the non-verbal aspects of the communicational mix and apply them in the contexts of training and coaching.

Upon completion of the course trainers will have the necessary NLP skills to deliver and manage powerful training and coaching programmes.

Our course will deliver core working and behavioural NLP skills as well as route methods for NLP style training. This is based upon participants having little or no prior training in NLP.

Core NLP Patterns

Core NLP Patterns are essential in the utilization of NLP and consist of:

  • Rapport building (Developing relationships with the unconscious)
  • Calibration (Reading peoples non-verbal behaviour)
  • Representational systems (How we make sense of information)
  • Precision Model (Precision questioning techniques)
  • Anchoring (Mental and emotional state management)
  • Feedback loops – Triple Description

To apply these in a training/coaching context we will develop sessions which include;

  • Powerful learning and training states for audiences and trainers
  • Building deep rapport with the audiences conscious and unconscious mind
  • Reading and utilising audiences mental and emotional state
  • Delivering multiple messages to both the conscious and unconscious mind for learning
  • 6 skill sets of NLP Training design
  • Stage Performance (creating powerful learning experiences)
  • Commanding teaching points using Metaphor
  • Construction and delivery of Metaphor for multiple delivery
  • Learning how to conduct NLP demonstrations
  • Exercise design & setup

Training can be split into 2/3 modules.

Module 1 – Core NLP
The delivery of the Core NLP Skills
Duration: 4 Days

Module 2 – NLP Coaching (optional – can be delivered at a later date)
The learning of advanced techniques for high performance coaching
Duration: 4 days

Module 3 – NLP Trainers Training
Duration: 6 Days



  1. Module 2 offers further flexibility depending upon the level of skill required for training and coaching contexts.
  2. We can also provide your staff with full NLP Practitioner certification after completing a two day certification programme.
  3. This course does not provide delegates with a NLP Trainers Training certificate with which to teach and offer NLP Certification Courses
  4. This is an in-house training programme for business only

Number of delegates – up to 12 people

This includes training manuals.

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