What do you want from your NLP Training

When you have decided that you wish to engage in a NLP Training course, probably the best thing you can do is to decide ‘what you want from the course’.

NLP Training encompasses many different aspects

NLP as a subject and no less with NLP Training encompasses many different aspects and areas in which it can be applied. Some people want to come on an NLP Training for personal development, others wish to use what they learn in a business setting and still others in sport, art, teaching, therapy or even hypnotherapy.

NLP as a subject is broad and there are many different aspects of NLP that you will learn on an NLP Training course. Some of these include how to build rapport with others by understanding the nature of relationships. Others include how to use language and understand how language effects the states (mental and emotional) that we have. While there are many different aspects of what you will learn on an NLP Training course, what is important for you comes back to the first question posed earlier on – “What do you want?” from an NLP Training course.

NLP Training isn’t just for Business or Therapy

Some people consider that learning NLP in an NLP Training setting that is designed specifically for business or therapy or sport etc. is going to contextualise the learning for what they need. In some respect this my offer a way to understand how you might use what you learn in the context you choose and yet..

…the other way of thinking about it is that NLP is about the underlying patterns of human structure in communication. That is how do we do what we do that produces exceptional results. Therefore, what you really want to learn are the patterns of NLP. How you then contextualise these is as much upto the trainer and yourself. That is, you ask the questions in how a particular technique will work given your context and desired field of application.

NLP Designed for You in Mind

At Origyn we neither provide a context or specialised field of NLP for your learning as after 16 years of learning, applying and developing applications of NLP, we understand how to apply it into many different areas because we understand the underlying processes of NLP. Therefore in your NLP Training you will learn the tools, skills, techniques and applications of NLP that will apply to you. Because if you think of it this way, you don’t just want to use NLP in the one place do you? In fact most of the people who come on our NLP Training though initially they may wish to use it in Buinses or Therapy or Sport always end up wanting to use it for themselves the most.


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