Mastering NLP & Your Life

Learn the artistry, elegance and grace of outstanding Practitioners of NLP together with the skills, techniques and patterns to create the life you want to have.

  • Bringing you skills to master your life, emotions and habits
  • Discover how to change what holds you back and transform your life into one without limitations
  • To create change in others that profoundly changes their lives too
  • Learn the integrity of mastery in leading edge generative and evolutionary NLP

On this NLP Master Practitioner training course, you learn the key skills that will let you master your life in all that you do. You learn The ability to learn how to learn – NLP Modelling in-depth.

What will I learn on this NLP Master Practitioner Course?

  • The Holy Grail of NLP– How to acquire anyone’s skill or ability that has taken years to perfect – through NLP Modelling
  • Beliefs and New Belief Change Patterns – To understand and change the nature of beliefs and reality to create compelling futures of worth
  • Advanced Sub-modalities and Sleight of Time (R) – The driving blocks of our internal and external world and how we can create infinite arrays of possibilities in our minds
  • Rules of Behaviour and Habits – How to recognise the very nature of how you and others respond and act upon certain types of information
  • Mastery, Integrity and Wisdom in all that you do – The art of true integration of unconscious and conscious minds
  • Advanced Language Patterns – easy and deep change with a word, a tone or a phrase or two
  • New beginnings – and most of all you will discover the basis for changing the very fabric of your being – if you choose

Designed for…

  • Coaches – You require exquisite skills to help transform your clients lives easily and effectively
  • Executive Coaches – and those in managing roles that require elegant and effective ways to coach on and off the job and make a difference
  • New business owners – you need guaranteed ways of making your business work first time, all the time and in profit
  • Sales professionals – you wish to make a significant difference to the relationships with your clients and provide a more rewarding experience for them so that they remain loyal and want to buy more from you
  • Leaders – you need to inspire and reach others as well as be the message for others to follow
  • Managers – you must have skills to manage from the front and create winning teams
  • PA’s – you need more effective tools with which to manage your boss and really be the centre and pillar of the organisation
  • Musicians & artists– you want to unblock that which prevents you from creating great art
  • Sports people – you need other ways to be the best in your sport and tools for where hard graft just doesn’t do it any more
  • Anyone – you realize that the things that hinder you can be gone forever allowing room for those things that will make you a success
  • Modellers – for you to really learn NLP Modelling and how it really works

Unique Features

  1. NLP Modelling in depth – Your mastery in understanding NLP will be unified through your NLP Modelling project. This project is run over the course of 2-3 months in between the two modules. With this you will learn the elegance and artistry that Outstanding NLP Master Practitioners have. We have designed this so that your skills will be elevated far above others that only do modelling during the course.
  2. You will learn what others take years to learn in less than a few weeks
  3. Learn from one of the UK’s Top NLP Trainers with over 15 years experience
  4. Small dedicated class size that will maximise your learning
  5. Learn the real secrets of the Holy Grail of NLP – NLP Modelling
  6. Have personal and direct access to your Trainer and not just assistants
  7. Learn how to really LIVE NLP and to not just do it!


This NLP Master Practitioner course is certified and accredited through the NLP University GTC this allows you to receive the appropriate membership with the UK’s Association for NLP – ANLP, as does our NLP Practitioner Course.


Our next Master Practitioner will be running Nov 2011

To get on the list for this course please contact us using the form on this website.

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