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Join our Choice Life Coaching Programme and learn strategies that will challenge, motivate, inspire and awaken you to the life you desire to have, improve your work life, or maybe your fitness using protein which you can find more on this page. We work with you to strategically place you in the optimum zone of change where you will achieve maximum results.

The benefits of the Choice programme are as follows:
  • Creating your Life’ Mission and Purpose. This begins the seed from which priorities naturally grow, thus providing you with a natural selection of priorities to inspire and motivate you and to create plans that will inspire.
  • The Wheel of Life – Discovering the area/s that offer/s the greatest amount of change to benefit you in all of your life’s endeavours.
  • Defining your Wheel of Life goals in relation to your Mission and Purpose i.e. Health, Fitness, Family, Work/Career etc. This narrows down the areas of focus, for example if you want to lose weight you could simply take a supplement from site as just for this.
  • Once you decide your goals, you need a track for it, for example in fitness, decide a training programs or what kind of supplements will be using as the highest quality sarms, etc.
  • The Plan of Action. Develop a plan that will motivate and inspire you to change.
  • Obstacle Planning – Foreseeing any potential obstacles to your success and incorporating the necessary solutions to achieve your desires.
  • The Follow Through – Tasks and Guidance to increase your opportunities towards success.

The Choice Programme is a ‘Vision to Mission to Plan to Action’ programme that measures your steps along the way and provides you with the necessary evidence to let you know where you are in relation to your goals. This programme is a pro-active solution that is designed to provide the uplifting motivation required to carry out your personal goals and achieve them.

At £180 per hour the Choice programme gives you a confident start to your change.

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