Tramadol Rezeptfrei PaypalRobert uses his insights, teachings and learning’s from over 16 years in NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) to change and enhance the lives of people that come on his events. The magic of his insights and skill he puts down to one core ingredient.

Change happens naturally, it’s part of who we are as humans. Sometimes we get stuck and can’t find our way out. We’re confused and muddled by the thunder of our minds and with so much happening in our lives that it’s easier to stop and stay still than it is to move and get out. I’ve learnt over the years that techniques are not enough to help people. Knowing how the instrument of your craft works and the nature of the obstacle is the secret to change.

To use an analogy –

A sculptors instruments are the methods by which he/she fashions the figure that already lays within the stone. It is their ability to ‘see’ the figure within the stone that causes them to shape it in the way that they do. The instruments are the means by which they get there. The genius is in bringing the stone to life.

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