NLP Training and running an NLP Course is only part of the equation of what Robert does. Caught between NLP Training and the NLP Courses Robert develops new and refined ways to teach Neuro Linguistic Programming. But it’s not what gets taught that’s important it is how and why.

Teaching NLP per se isn’t hard. People will learn something. Making an emotional connection to the people on your course and designing the course to fit them as it unfolds is another story. People don’t come to learn or be trained, they come to get results. A better way to get what they want in their life and leave the crap behind.

They’re like puppies, new to this world of change and new to this stuff called NLP. You don’t take the puppy straight to training classes. You give it love, you lead it and show it the brave new world, the sights, the sounds, smells and experiences. You let the puppy feel safe, loved and secure so that it’s free to explore.

I don’t train people I let them explore and guide them when needed. This is how they learn. Then it becomes their world not mine. I think that’s important.

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