How to have a ‘Beautiful Life’

And Not Have To Read Another Book or Listen to Another MP3 in
‘Finding Your Life Purpose’ Ever Again…

Here’s the true story of what happend, How This Simple,
Proven System Works…And How You Can Put It To Work For You.


“The Clarity of Not-Knowing”


Dear Friend,


You’re about to learn the secrets of having a beautiful life & how to live the life you want with very actual little work…and how to leverage your desires…literally overnight.

At this point…This early on in this webpage your probably thinking.

“Is this a load of hype?”

And you’d be right to ask this question…especially when the so called ‘Secret and Life Guru’ experts are out there trying to tell you how to live the perfect life.

And you know what if I wasn’t the person who created the ‘life making systems’ I’m going to share with you – if I wasn’t the person who designed every aspect of these personal strategies for creating a beautiful life, having what you wanted every day, and just doing the thing that is most important to you every day, there’s no way I’d believe it either…

…so I know how you feel.

And I’ve got to tell you there’s nothing like waking up in the morning getting out of the bed, ripping open the curtains (well just opening them) and breathing in the fresh air of a new day going ‘Waheyyyyy – this is what it’s all about’.

In other words –

I promise this works.

So let’s get into it.

Here’s the Story on some of the BiGGEST Changes that I’ve helped people

to shed their problems with really quickly and start to live a Beautiful Life

(names changed to protect identity)

…I’ve mentioned some of them before, but I’ve never revealed the step by processes that actually put any of these BIG changes to work.

In fact you’ve probably heard of this before…

“Working with your unconscious mind” – Creating Yes/No Ideomotor Signals – Listening to your unconscious or ‘gut-feeling’

And I’ve done this often enought to know that without incorporating the unconscious into the changework process – you’re setting yourself either up for – another failure or consequences that are unplanned and unwanted as part of the outcome.

They all had one thing in common (you’ll find out in a minute) & it’s not what you think…

THE Bulimic – Bringing her back to centre.

She was out of control – her life spinning down. Restless at work, marriage on the rocks, not getting the recognition she wanted because her ‘illness’ was forcing her to stay off work. Getting hassle from others that she should be ‘getting on with life and putting it all past her’. Wanted something different. Didn’t know what.

– They didn’t understand the problem – and thought it was all about ‘toughing it out’, doing the right thing and just getting on with it.

“Just Go to work – you’ll soon get over it”

This soon had been going on for 10 years!!!

you see, they didn’t know what it was like for her, this living hell where all she wanted to do was to hide herself away and hope that when she came out of her cocoon…it was all better and gone away.

Well it never did go away. No matter how much she tried to hide from the job she disliked, the restlessness in wanting something better but not knowing what the worse she felt and the more she hid.

after she came to me – She now has self-respect, respect of others, friends that matter, a husband that has the person he married back, a job she is inspired to do because she now can.

The Rock & The Hard Wall

A successful business woman – a team of dedicated highly intelligent (MBA style consultants) her husband had past away a few years past – her rock – now she felt like her life and business was being ‘washed down the drain’. Her team supported her and wanted her to lead them to the success they knew she deserved. She was lost and didn’t know how to do it.

The rock was gone. The hardwall was the will to carry on, the resolve to do what she wanted to do.

I helped her on my ‘Power of You’ day – She took back control – She became the new rock and took her rightful place back as the leader of her life.

I’m Lost and Don’t Know What I want

Left school, signed up for the army. Left after basic training (6 weeks) it wasn’t what he thought it was – the glamour, the toughness, the army. It wasn’t him – but he thought he had to do it.

Went to college got an HND in architectural design. He didn’t like that – it wasn’t him.

Got a job in Currys – hated that – it wasn’t him.

Did a 3 week deepsea divers intensive course – loved it – scared him – it wasn’t him.

I showed him a technique I created to discover what he REALLY wanted to do.

I gave him a job interview that I didn’t want (it wasn’t me 🙂 – he took it.

6 months later he gets headhunted, pays off his mortgage in 3 years (£380,000). Travels round the world with his career – Respected by others, loads of friends. Living the life of Riley

It was HIM.

AND here’s the thing – You don’t have to have ANY NLP experience or ‘know what you want’ for this method to work a treat, do what’s most important to you & where you actually know what success is and put large quantities of ‘This is ME, This is MyLife & I Love it’ straight in your I LOVE MY LIFE Bank…in fact this works better if you haven’t done any NLP experience before.


Where I Went Wrong.

You see at the time – I thought I was just working with the unconscious (this is the bit I told you earlier I’m now telling you about).

That while the methods I used all involved their unconscious mind to get the change – though each of the techniques were wildly different…

…it wasn’t until very recently that I discovered something else there that had been in the equation though it hadn’t been ‘obvious’

You could call it the ‘higgs bosun’ or as some people refer to it the God Particle. ( this is something in physics they’d been trying to find for decades that explains the very fabric of the universe or at least what holds particles together)

Now I’m not getting all religious on you if that’s what you think.

No – instead it was something far more ‘insightful’ than I at first thought.

This is the story of how it all began and where you’ll learn exactly what this insight is for yourself.


It all began – or so I thought – just under 20 years ago


In short yes.

And this is why –

This is the short version 😉

You only have one life. It’s yours to keep for as long as you like. But you only have one life.

It’s yours to make do what you will. But you only have one life.

You can screw it up, drink it up, drug it up, get to the top of the corporate ladder. But you only have one life.

You can have the house with the furniture from Ivy and Wilde, the car, the family, the yacht, the estate, the ‘corporate title’ But you only….


And there’ll come a day when you’ll want to say.

“I lived a wonderful life” and that will be that.

Geee is that it!!!!!!????

Until then you have your life to live.

What you gonna do ’bout it. Was what my friend would say.

What you do with it, where you go, who you see, the love, the beauty, the happiness, the anger, the frustrations, the stress, the struggles, the brickwalls, the fears, the tears, the song of life will be your life…

You know the ‘Its your life‘ red-book story…well –

– how you live your life is gonna be determined by what you are doing now- is it worth it.tomorrow and the days after is what really matters to you the most.

“That today I am living my life because this is how it’s meant to be for me – and I love it”

That’s the short version

This is the longer version

If you’re with me so far… we’re almost on the same page.

Here’s MY question for you.

Are YOU –

Are you happy? I mean truly happy. Do you wake up each morning – spring out of bed, smile, swish open the curtains meet the day and greet it with –

“YEAAAHHH Whooooeeeeee – Its another day of ….Waaaahhhhhh bring it on, give it to me…….YES this is what lifes about!”

or something like that.

or do you hit the alarm to silence it and hope for another 20 minutes in bed.

Hope the traffic to work is going to be better.

What your doing is going to lead to something better, maybe a promotion, more money, recognition the ‘career’ that’s just made for you.

More new clients that’ll PAY and be easier to work with.

A boss that sees your every effort and rewards you for you.

Your team that ‘ll follow you to the ends of the earth and get everything done just right.

Is this what you wake up for? Or is that what you wake up to?

or something like that.

Wouldn’t that be great…

Yeah right!!!! Like it happens in the real world!!!

Its a bit ‘out there’…a bit ‘hippi-ish’…this life purpose ‘shebang’…this thing that we’re all ‘meant’ to be doing and we’re just not doing it.

or is it?

Ask yourself – does life really have a purpose? or is it more about asking – Is what I’m doing really giving me what I want?

But what’s this ‘want’…

What is it you want??? I mean -honestly – what do you want from life? you’re life?

Nice car, Nice house, Loving Family, Nice Holidays, More Money, Job Satisfaction – Really??? What else?

What would happen if you ‘had’ them? Then what… is that it? Satisfied?

Probably not.

Then what is it?

What’s the elusive ‘it’. The elusive ‘want’.

What is it that everyday you wake up with a feeling in your gut or the inner voice that grinds “oh god not another day of this” and then you stare out the window – the little voice comes in and goes –

“There has to be more – doesn’t there”

“I only wish I knew what it is I wanted to do”

Y0u look back across the job ads. You secretly scour Monster Jobs. You look and search for just that right job, the one that only you want. The one that fills in everything you’ve ever dreamed of having, being and doing.

But its not there.

You secretly wish for something else…but are either too frightened to admit it, do it, or go for it…or you just don’t have a damned clue what it is you want to do.

Or if you do…you’re in a dilemma about doing it – “Can I do it” – “What happens if I don’t get it – I’ll just be back where I started” – What happens if it’s not the right job again then I’ve got to start from scratch all again…

What happens if I waste more years of my life just doing the same thing again and again. Going from job to job because that’s what you’re supposed to do.


isn’t it?


What if years later you look back across your life and go.. if only i’d known now. Wouldn’t that be a waste? maybe maybe not.

But what if…it was all just a lie… What if…all this ‘find your life purpose’ was just a load of shit. What a bloody waste………

Its not.

Does it seem to you that everyday goes by when you ask yourself: –

Is this right for me?

Am I doing the right Job?

Wasn’t I meant for something else?


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