Failure of Exercise & Dieting – NLP and Weightloss

Exercise & Dieting

A failure in weight loss and health

This NLP video looks at the fundamental problem that faces most people when they come to try and lose weight and what to do about it.

Losing weight is not necessarily an issue over what diet you choose, or what exercise program, but more fundamentally how you choose the right goal that is needed to understand what to do to help get the weight lost to effectively help with this, but also more is necessary.

This played a key part in “M” helping her to change her life and do something that she never thought that she would. She is now enjoying and doing the exercise she knew she needed to do, but could not, she never knew what she needed in her life.

PLEASE NOTE: In M’s case (as you’ll see in the video) she was not motivated to ‘exercise’ even though medically she knew she had to.

The case for her exercising to lose the weight, even though not doing it seriously affected her health, was not motivating enough to get her to go out walking let alone down the gym. When you exercise and want to get the best results to gain muscle don’t forget to get the best appetite stimulant!

This is because there is a fundamental flaw with the way in which we try to motivate ourselves by thinking that the ‘goal’ is the right one. In this case it was not and most commonly it is not for most people either. And this is why they try something like going down the gym and either a) fail to start or b) fail to continue after 3-4 weeks.

M’ is now enjoying a healthy and active lifestyle doing exercise she once never thought that she would.

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