Frogs into Princes

Frogs into Princes

…is the first book I read that started me on the track of NLP in 1993. This book brings to life in seminar format; NLP as a science and art. Though some complain about the seminar style format, you will learn more if you just read and get to the end than to necessarily try to understand it. There have been many a time I found myself, drifting away for 20 minutes at a time only to find I had completed just one paragraph.

With the co-founders of NLP John Grinder & Richard Bandler, they take you through some of their seminal work in NLP. Do not be fooled by it being in book format, there is plenty here that will keep you coming back for years to a well earned dog’eared book. Get it, Read it, Use it



Frogs into Princes: Introduction to Neurolinguistic Programming

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