Getting Rid of Anxiety Question and Answer

Anxiety afflicts many people and comes in different shapes or forms. It’s one of the biggest blights to performance, happiness and health. There are many anxiety programmes on the market, many anxiety books and many coaches willing to help people with anxiety.

Anxiety and what to do about it

This video looks at anxiety in a slightly different way and helps you to ‘put it into a box’ and work out, what’s worth worrying about and what isn’t. This video on anxiety also gives you a simple strategy at the end to get you back into control, anxiety can have different causes, and this could help you treat the root of the anxiety problem.

Change the drivers to anxiety

Anxiety isn’t just about the feelings, but about the relationship between the feelings and the way you perceive your life and existence of your life. Changing the feelings to anxiety is what most people try and do, yet the feelings will change by addressing the things you can or cannot control. That is, change something else that drives the feelings and the feelings will change.

To change the way you feel ( your anxiety), change your perception of what you can or cannot control.


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