Kite Rides The Wind

Why You Can’t
Get What You Want

The secret of momentum
and movement to success

Change happens naturally. It’s a part of being human and it’s a part of being in existence.

The un-natural way of change is when you try and force the change you want, either change that’s from an addiction like smoking, drinking, drugs or food to confidence, self-esteem, self-worth, damaging beliefs and behaviours that no longer serve your needs today. Drug addiction and substance abuse is becoming a big problem in the states.

The problem is ‘the desire for change and to move away from the pain’ re-enforces the problem as you try and then fail. It makes the ‘problem’ more apparent.

In answer to this, a different solution is required. A solution that allows the change to happen naturally, easily.

Change Is Hard – or is it.

What is something that you’ve tried to change and you’ve tried as hard as possible to get the result you want? How much will power, effort and mental energy did you have to use to try and change it? What did you feel afterwards when you knew that you couldn’t?

Think of another example where you wanted to change and you did. How much will power, effort and mental energy did you have to use to get that change? What is the difference between the two?

What did you have to do in your mind to get what you want?

How much easier was it and why?

When you compare and contrast the two experiences you’ll notice differences in a) the way you ‘held’ the problem (obstacle you needed to overcome) b) the way you viewed the possibility of getting what you wanted (images and pictorial representations in your mind) and c) how you talked to yourself about getting what you wanted.

But these aren’t the only areas to compare and contrast nor how you necessarily created the experience to achieve what you wanted easily.

It Gets Harder

Have you ever pushed a car? It’s hard isn’t it.

Once the car has begun to move it becomes easier doesn’t it.

The initial energy required to overcome the inertia of a standing obstacle is greater than the energy required to move a moving obstacle. This is because the moving obstacle has its own momentum and energy that it gained from you.

To put it another way, a large proportion of your initial energy that was used to overcome the resistance of weight and friction was transferred to the object. Therefore any further energy required to move the object is less after having overcome the greatest amount of resistance (weight and friction).

Pulling is easier than pushing because as you push, part of the force you use is directed towards the ground (in essence your trying to push the car into the earth to push the world!) this creates greater resistance than if you pull. Take the wheels off the car and the distance you’d be able to move it would be minuscule. And after you’ve finished pushing, the car would look as if it hadn’t even budged a millimetre.

What we can learn from this simple demonstration is:

To move a car it’s easier to a) have the car on wheels b) pull.

Trying to push a car by standing next to it is difficult. To make it easier you would have to: –

a) make a run up to the car to gain momentum and thus extra energy (to transfer this to the standing object)

b) bend your body backwards with your arms close to you to create enough ‘body momentum’ a build up of kinetic energy to push the car.

Therefore to move a car it’s easier to a) have the car on wheels b) pull c) build up momentum first.

Outside In

Personal change follows the same principles of physics as the example of the car. If you’d compared and contrasted your experiences earlier – one of the aspects you would have noticed is the difference in movement and energy.

Think of it this way. What is something that you want, desire and know you can get and are already working towards getting it and you love doing the things you need to do to get it.

What you’d find with this would be:

1) You’d have a lot of energy – you’d feel motivated (this is the result of energy, momentum)

2) Your internal image/s are as a movie

3) Your internal voice would be faster, higher in pitch

4) Your physical movements like gestures and facial expressions would be faster, animated and fluid

You have increased the kinetic energy of your ability to achieve your success. And the more energy and movement you have the greater the success.

Still No Success

Achievement and success does not happen by being still – Idol hands produce no work.

What we know about change and success is that movement is key to it.

Do this for a moment. Put your head down to your right and slowly say the words “I’m depressed” Do this 10 or so times and notice how you feel.

Now stand up and shake yourself about and move around the room. You feel different right! More energy, brighter, lighter, alert.

Changing your posture isn’t enough. You need to move right? Which is good right? makes you feel more comfortable and at ease but emotionally you’ll be the same; depressed.

Depression, sadness, lacklustre, unmotivated are all symptoms of ‘little-movement’, or stillness.

Trying to change from this state isn’t going to work. You need to build up momentum first.

Money & momentum

I hear so many people today saying “I can’t afford it, its too much” or “I’ll wait until I have the money, then I’ll do it”.

This is ‘still’ thinking. This is the same as the person who’s depressed who wants the change but can’t be bothered to do anything about it and waits for someone to do it for them (the lottery wisher).

The problem here is that they’re too comfortable doing what they’re doing. Their pain isn’t great enough. Or they’ve hidden it from themselves, turned a blind eye. “One day when I win the lottery then I’ll…”. “I’d love to go on a holiday like that”. “I’ll have that Ferrari soon, that’s what I want”.

That’s exactly what they won’t get because a goal, wish or a dream is not enough. The Law of Attraction and Manifestation is B#######S unless you actually ACT – Build the momentum and energy required to get past your ‘CAR’ and get to the other side.

You must release what in physics is called ‘potential energy’ and turn it into ‘kinetic energy’

Moving is the Key

Money and moving

How many times have you seen something that you really Really REALLY want but can’t afford it. It’s too much. It’s way too much. But you know that once you get it what a difference it’s going to make to you and you just can’t stop thinking about it. What do you do?

Forget ab0ut it? naahhh

Say – “Well I’ll just wait until the price drops”. naaaah

You do anything you can to get it right. You start finding ways to sell things, work extra hours, borrow from friends, put it on credit.

You go into overdrive – you even buy it now knowing that you’ll find a way to pay for it later. ‘Buy Now Pay Later’

How good did it feel to get what you want?

Scary huh? How the “H#ll am I going to pay this off” I bet you said.

You know what – I bet you did. I bet you found a way – didn’t you. To pay it off so you could make yourself afford it.

You rose to the occasion (that word is important ‘rose’ it implies movement), raised your hand (listen to the words – it’s in your vocabulary too – ‘raised’ is another one) and went and got what you wanted and figured out how to pay for it later. You created your own success. You know how to do it, you just need to connect with it more.

You created your own momentum and energy.

You created your own change with ease.

You created your own success.

You did it the natural way.

You can do it.

It’s yours…

to keep.

Keep moving, its how you get what you want.

The final question

Ask yourself this final question.

What’s your life like now?

A Kite riding the Wind


A Kite caught in the Tree?

There’s only one thing that stops you…

In the next post I’ll be revealing what this is.

Enjoy 🙂


P.S. What have been your experiences. Write to me below.



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