NLP New Code – Created or Conceived?

New Code NLP

Did John Grinder and Judith DeLozier create New Code NLP or did they inadvertantly ‘get this’ as part of their modelling from Milton Erickson?

John and Judith sought to address the ‘imbalance’ of the classic code NLP whereby practitioners were able to create change in others, but were not good messengers themselves – and inherantly the wisdom side was about the systems thinking work of Bateson et al.

Though you never really hear about it, I don’t think that John and Judy created it, I think John and Judy recognised a discrepancy in other practitioners that they had taught and those that had been taught from them – in COMPARISON to a) themsleves b) Milton Erickson.

I am sure that John, Richard and the early developers had already modelled unconsciously the patterns that later ‘came out’ as New Code.

I don’t believe New Code was created, but ‘self-modelled’ albeit much later because it required the time to be processed.

A guess, but I’m sure I’m right on this… knowing John, I do not see this as a ‘oh you know what… lets create a new field and call it NewCode, there’s a few things that need shaping up’…This was a call from their unconscious, they had noticed that patterns that were ‘not in other practitioners’ that they had modelled and used unconsciously.

Thats my take on the story and given what it is I model from people, the model becomes self evident through time.


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