The NLP Weight Loss Diet No Exercise Plan That Isn’t

NLP Weight loss

The NLP Weight Loss Diet That Isn’t

[dropcap]L[/dropcap]osing Weight is no easy task, but then again is anything worthwhile an easy task?

Perhaps another way of saying it is: – is it really about losing weight or living happily with who you already are and what you do?

And yet for some people if this is the case, there is always the argument that their health is at risk from the weight they carry. So losing weight is not an option or choice but a necessity.  Having a healthy lifestyle includes getting the right amount of exercise, eating healthy and drinking lots of water, sleeping well and being positive! With the right weight loss diet plan from Diet Probe, you will lose weight properly and be healthy.

There are fads and there are fads and slimming or losing weight isn’t prone to being left alone in this area.

But fads come and go as much as the weight loss and gain. There are some people that swear by the ‘diets’ they’ve been on, the weight they’ve lost and the self esteem they’ve gained as a result.

An ordeal from a meal

There’s no doubt that losing weight for some is more than a goal but an ordeal, and an ordeal that lasts for as much as their life.

It therefore seems sad that so much focus is put into the ‘ideal weight’ – surely it’s not about the weight, but how we look, what we think of ourselves and how we carry ourselves as a person.

And even if this is the case let’s face it, we like to feel liked and feel attracted. It’s natural it’s how we survive as a species, so looking good and feeling great about

yourself shouldn’t be something that you’re ashamed of, it’s more a question of who are you doing it for.

There are many books, diets and hypno-training gastric band super weightloss in an instant products on the market. It’s probably one of the biggest industries and is fuelled by our natural desire to feel good, look good and be happy with ourselves. So, why do so many people find it so hard to lose the weight?

It’s one of the biggest consumer markets – however there’s a bigger consumer market and that’s the food we eat.

You wouldn’t be 2 stone heavier without the food and lifestyle of modern times? – well possibly – though we do know that the food we consume makes us how we are. As the saying goes – “you are what ya eat”.

So if that’s the case – maybe we should understand more about ‘what we eat – to know who we are’.

A surprise from the pudding

Now you wouldn’t think of this as a lose weight scheme, but it has great merit for what it sets out to achieve.

You’ve probably come across the ‘keep a food diary’. OK be honest, how many of us do this and how many of us keep diaries anyhow? – very few. So this type of method is only helpful to those that are good at keeping diaries. If you’re like me – my diary is in my head.

However that’s a good a place to start as any.

What we eat is in our head (well at least the thought what we want to indulge our senses in is) though it starts from a signal from our body, arrives in our head as a message that’s a mix of ‘I’m hungry’ internal dialogue to seeing images of types of food we’d like to satisfy this rumbling and then some sort of sorting process to determine which foods are going to best satisfying the ‘feeling’ need, followed by a look in the cupboards and fridge and so on, until we arrive with the food in front of us ready for consumption.

Ok so it was a quick and general breakdown of the hunger to eating process – and this is where it gets interesting.

Do you choose your foods or do they choose you?

If you’re already adept at eating the foods you like (I assume you are) and you probably know which ones you ‘should/shouldn’t’ eat (if not go to your local GP and get a good food chart – or look in the local book stores for healthy eating foods) then you’re probably unaware of

…..’how you actually choose your foods and eat’…

Now this might sound a little trite and odd, bear with me a moment while I explain.

You see because you’re an ‘adept’ eater – you do it without thinking about it consciously – this is purposeful – otherwise you’d spend ALL of your time consciously trying to think of what to eat, how to put it together and then eat it. We’re not designed to do things consciously – only as far as early learning stages and even then this isn’t always the best route method for learning.

Therefore – if what we do is choose our foods unconsciously (you think you have choice – trust me you don’t – it’s an illusion – you’re designed to do things on automaton – to have these programs running in the background that do all of the choosing for you – this is why it’s so hard for so many people to lose weight because they have to battle with their unconscious desires and years and years, well life time of programming) then we need to interrupt that programming and learn how to re-eat.

Sounds crazy – well to a point – but it does have a point.

Learning to re-eat means learning to know how you do what you do already.

You see most people (I’m assuming you’re one of them (Hhhrrmm) don’t really know what foods they eat that ACTUALLY put the weight on. I bet you’ve never tested it have you? Gone and eaten 60 bars of chocolate to see whether it does actually put weight on – or tried 20 apples a day to see what the effects are.

Why would you? – you want to enjoy your food – however, by the same token you want to lose weight. So which one? Eat the food that puts the weight and feel good in the moment and then bad afterwards or feel good because your losing the weight but bad because you can’t have what you want? – so some of the diets would request of you.

The Big BUT but not that type of BUTT


and it’s a big BUTT what if you could ‘eat what you wanted and lose the weight you wanted’

Now I’m not even going to GO to any sort of ..

“here’s the new fancy smancy diet super slim instant pill panacea diet” – far from it…

And I don’t even claim to have made this up – so don’t go around saying it’s the new ‘Rob’ Diet… In fact this was from Milton Erickson (father of modern day medical hypnosis) (it’s not the whole story) but the main points are here.

And you can adapt it to suit your needs.

I’ve written this in my own way and what I’d say to a client.

So put yourself in the shoes of the ‘super weight loss coach – coaching you’

I want you to commit to putting on one stone, yes that’s right one stone i weight and I assume that you are healthy enough to do this and have no doctors orders or specific imminent health issues). I want you to put on one stone, and not an ounce more or less. The minute you hit this 1 extra stone I want you to call me and make an immediate appointment.

She/he then has to tell you everything in absolute detail of what they did, both mentally and physically to put that one stone on. I mean everything!!

Record it and transcribe this and look highly interested and engaged and nod at ‘all’ the right times when she/he becomes ‘engaged, spirited, motivated,’ at what they did.


Tell her that now she knows ‘exactly and with precision how to gain 1 stone. That she has learnt everything she needs to know about putting weight on. She has learnt everything she now needs to know about her body both consciously and unconsciously and about how to do this, and that she will never ever need to read a diet book or see anyone ever again.’

A variation to Milton Erickson’s version”

You see the important distinction here – is to understand (I’m sure you got it anyway) how you ALREADY do what you do but to really understand HOW to put weight on – Not just by reading some books or a fad diet programme.

HOW do YOU put weight on – Do it deliberately – then you’ll understand the process YOU go through to do this – therefore – this means you know –


and never have to worry about what foods you should or shouldn’t eat, because you know. You know instinctively which foods, because these foods are the foods and meals you’ve gotten used to eating for years…

Which means you don’t have to go and learn how to cook again or read diet cookbooks – you now understand which foods you eat, how much you eat, when you eat and why you eat with what you already eat – that puts the weight on.

So all you have to do is ‘say it again’

REVERSE IT – eat less of the ones you know that put the weight on and reduce some of them down. Watch when you eat and what you eat to do this.

The No Diet Diet. diet??


You see this isn’t about dieting at all – it’s about changing your patterns and routines but not radically at all – it’s about understanding how you’ve already made a success out of what you do to achieve who and what you already are (whether you like that or not) and then making adjustments to this and keeping all that you do intact.

Change should be easy and not painful or with loss.

  • Diets are about loss.
  • No-one likes losing.
  • So losing weight is a loss.

Therefore – don’t lose weight – enjoy what you eat and really know what you eat that contributes to your happiness.

Your weight will find a new balance that suits who you are.

What’s been successful for you, leave your comment below


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