Using Your Brain For A Change

Using Your Brain For A Change

Richard Bandler brings to you ‘Submodalities’ the building blocks of experience. This is a fascinating read in how our experience is structured and then how to make the changes you desire, simply!

This NLP Book is a simple and easy read that allows you to explore the subtle and yet very powerful aspects of your internal world. Submodalities are the finer components and distinctions of your 5 senses and as such they let you know ‘how you know that you know’.

Their ordering and differences are the rules and distinctions that let you know whether you love someone or not, whether you’re halucinating or not, whether you believe something or not and any other variable in-between.

By understanding how your submodalities work in relation to each other, you’re literally able to alter the fabric of the way you percieve the world, which in turn alters your behaviours and what you do.

A fascinating read into your mind and its machinations.


Using Your Brain: For a Change

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