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The secret to change isn't a desire nor a want, but the participation.

Ericksonian Hypnosis

Alison Chalcroft

This is a very powerful course which has opened my mind and eyes. I feel very privileged to have been able to touch on this wonderful subject and will be developing further in the future.

Catherine Casey

As the course is mostly hands on and not just watching, you learn & experience so much and feel that in a short time you have accomplished Sooooo much. Everyone would benefit from the course even if they never used it outside the class as it is layered in such a way what ever you want you could make the course fit.

James Haffey

To begin with I doubted I could actually put a person into trance. A common self-doubt that I possess. Just implementing the techniques proved I could and I CAN do things. This crap belief (Self-doubt) is on its way out. No doubt about that. The other students provided a sage and supportive environment thank you. Rob paced and delivered the course brilliantly.

Kathy Smith

I feel that this course has added a new dimension to my perception of the influences particularly internal, that help or hinder my progress through life. The effects of this new perception and knowledge wiht the allied accessing skills are already have a profound effect on my life. Thank you!

Loved this! Was a real insight and eye opener (perhaps not the right phrase to use) This has completed the things I learnt in the NLP Practitioner course and made it all make more sense. Intriguing stuff – made me want to learn more about this subject!

Tina Stubbs

Business Courses

Brilliant course, you would be an asset to any business with this training.

Rob Winter, Royal Airforce - Trainer

Rob was an excellent trainer who tailored the course to meet our training needs. Very relaxed, calm & knowledgeable.

Andy Davis, Royal Air Force - L&D

Excellent. I will recommend to other colleagues as well. I will use the motivation information in clinical practice.

Dr. Minle Atri, Nuffield Health - GP

I found it very useful to learn new strategies to learn how to deal with a negative client who is very resistant to changes – I look forward to using the techniques for replacing behaviours for a positive health outcome.

Dan Money, Nuffield Health - Physiologist

NLP Courses & Training Testimonials

Introduction to NLP

Adam Powell, Teacher

Just wanted to say thank you for a brilliant two days. This was one of the BEST courses I have ever done. Genuinely Life Changing.

Lisa Cavanagh, L&D Consultant

Watching Robert using and walking through ‘my life as a metaphor’ was mesmerising, humbling and fascinating.

Pauline Logan, Jobs4Medical - Sales Consultant

This short course has helped me to make a Journey and given me a thirst to learn more about myself and to achieve my ultimate goals in both my life and work.

Samantha Ellis

Robert really knows his stuff and applies it in an easily digested, fun and highly effective way – I would challenge anyone to truly experience this course and come away totally unchanged by it.

This course has certainly changed my way of critically examining my beliefs and my goals. This is by far the best course I have ever attended.

Kerim Meru
Christina Nance

The effort to come here from far away is nothing in comparison to what I got from this course! Robert you have been great with all of us. All I have to do is put in practice the techniques and enjoy the colourful future.

Catherine Casey

Thoroughly enjoyed the 2 days, it flew by. I have learnt a lot about who I am and also learnt how to structure changes in my life.

NLP Practitioner

Caroline Jones

I knew I waned to train in NLP but didn’t appreciate why! Now I know why!

Gemma Robins, Teacher

Life changing is a complete understatement. So many connections made to make my map clearer.

Kristin Jonsdottir

An unmissable journey! An amazing experience! Well worth the investment & and I would highly recommend to anyone looking to enlightened their lives and enrich their performance.

Laura Witjens, CEO Gamut Foundation

I just loved the course and loved the learning. Being a smaller group felt safe and allowed all of us to delve deeper than we would have done in another environment. Thanks again for the journey.

Totally life changing. Would recommend it to anyone & everyone. Came out a different person.

Sheena Chapple

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