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Introduction to NLP


Discover How To Eliminate Self-doubt And Fear to
Have What You Want With Ease.

“The Unseen Force of Change”


Hello and welcome.

Before you read the rest of this…

I invite you to ask yourself the following questions and be aware of what runs through your mind as you do this (I’ll explain later).

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  • What if you could have all that you wanted?
  • Be what you wanted and live just how you wanted?
  • What would this be like?
  • Is it even possible for you?
  • What if it were?
  • What would you do and how would you be?

The Dream Destroyer

[dropcap style=”font-size: 60px; color: #9b9b9b;”] F [/dropcap]or most people these questions bring a mixture of feelings from joy, longing and wanting – immediatly to self-doubt and feelings of uncertainty or fear.

What did they bring for you?

If you experienced a mix of emotions and thoughts and felt caught between desire and doubt this is because what you’ve tried to do –

– has been stopped by an UNSEEN FORCE.

How do you know it’s an unseen Force? Because have you tried and tried and tried time after time to get what you want only to be hit down by you telling yourself why you can’t, you’re not worthy of it, you don’t deserve it or you’re not capable and the last time you tried it, it just ended in failure anyway.

Or it’s ‘too hard’ – ‘I don’t have the time’ – ‘Maybe I’ll do it later’ – ‘I’ve got other things I need to do first before I can get to that’ (these are all surface excuses – and you know the feeling you’re trying to hide from by saying these – don’t you).

Of if you don’t have the internal negative self talk you want to go and get what you want but just seem to… stop…and get a feeling of trying to slowly wade through treacle in getting what it is you truly want.

Or you just find yourself doing everything else other than what you know you should be doing to get what you really want to have. And it’s the same old pattern again and again…

Because –

This force has many names – from ‘negative talk’ – ‘self-doubt’ – ‘Uncertainty’ and ‘fear’.

Tried Different Approaches

You’ve probably tried many different approaches to combat this unseen force –

You’ve read all the books, you’ve tried the positive thinking to change your self-talk, or you’ve just kept pushing on regardless, and yet…

…what you tried to achieve was out of reach, too difficult or that ‘unseen force’ just came back stronger. Stopping you yet again from getting what you truly deserve. A happier and more fulfilled life.

Isn’t it time you really did something about it?

Because it shouldn’t have to be this way any longer should it.

Introducing NLP

I was 24 when I discovered NLP. I had fallen into an IT sales role by accident and felt lost in my career. I knew what I wanted to do but my self doubt and fears were greater than the fear of leaving the job. I was a shy young adult, I didn’t enjoy talking to people on the phone or trying to sell to them and the thought of presenting turned my stomach in knots.

[quote]I was the ambassodor for the nerves department.[/quote]

Getting out of my comfort zone and chasing my dreams seemed a far cry from what I was capable of doing. I had far too much fear, negativity and doubt played too big a part in my life…But it didn’t stop me dreaming of doing what I really wanted. I just didn’t know how to go about getting it.

Then I was introduced to NLP through an article that lead me to ‘Frogs into Princes’ (one of the early books by the co-orignators of NLP). Fast forward a few months later and The NLP Practitioner Course got rid of my fears, my self-doubt and helped me take the plunge… so I quite my job and went to music college for a year.

At college I was fortunate enough to play guitar with Micheal Jackson’s guitarist (what a dream) and can you believe it, I ended up teaching the students how to get over their nerves and their fears thanks to the skills I had found during my NLP courses!

[quote]…and playing in front of your peers is far more nerve racking than in front of people you don’t know but I did it with ease![/quote]

My dreams didn’t stop there either.

I’ve since worked with the amazing John Grinder himself (co-originator of NLP – This was the dream impossible). I took the giant leap and started my own business and over the last 16 years have had the priviledge of helping hundreds of people to overcome their nerves, their fears and their self-doubt. I have changed lives and still to this day, get a kick out of seeing people change.

My Revelation

Recently I looked back on the years, curious to find out how all of this had happened. I wanted to delve in and find out what the secret was to finding your own power to change and to live the life you want to live. And do you know the biggest thing I found was that fear and self-doubt is what stops people. This ‘Unseen Force’ causes you so many problems and prevents you from getting what you want because it is so hard to change it.

My revelation came in the unpicking of all that I had learnt and taught and I give it all to you now. I have created a course that gives you exactly what you need to eliminate nerves, fear and self-doubt forever.

And this is what I will share with you.

How to eliminate your nerves and self-doubt &

How to get rid of fear once and for all to live the life you want


The Fear Factor

There are two main fears that stop nearly everyone in their tracks
from achieving their potential

  1. Fear of Failure
  2. Fear of Success


But did you know that they’re really the same. They sound different…they might seem different…and yet the structure is the same (well as close as).

Because you see. Fear of Success is really about the fear of losing what you have now. Because the ‘new’ change is different and different enough to instill the fear, the ‘what if’, the unexpected. Therefore it’s the fear of losing what you know, which is….your security and comfort.

Fear of Failure is also about loss. Losing the possibility of self-respect, confidence in yourself and abilities. Which also translates to the comfort and security of what you know.

It’s easier to stay where you are than it is to actually get what it is you really want. BUT…

Not doing… is failing. Therefore, if you don’t do you’ve failed, if you do and fail…then at least you’ve succeeded at doing. It seems like a double bind (catch 22) and in some way is. And it’s this that stops soooo many people from doing.

[quote] This is why it’s hard for you to change because the UNSEEN FORCE is the double-bind.[/quote]

Why this isn’t just another Introduction to NLP course

I’ve taught quite a few Introduction to NLP courses and always marvelled at how much people loved using the techniques as much as I did. But something wasn’t quite right. There seemed to be a problem, one I had witnessed on many other courses too.

Many of the NLP courses out there seem to just concentrate on teaching the techniques, skills and tools taken from the manuals. And although they may do it well, they are missing the final, most important ingredient. None of them seem to connect what they teach back to the person learning them. So while you can use some of the tools, you are left not knowing how and when to use them in YOUR life. It’s like going into a hardware store, buying a box of tools, being taught how to use a hammer and screwdriver, but only knowing how to hit nails or screw in screws.

How can you build something with just techniques? You can’t build a house by just hammering nails.

Because our Introduction to NLP course does have the final, important ingredient we get testimonials like these…
[one_half][testimonial company=”Teacher” author=”Adam Powell”]
Just wanted to say thank you for a brilliant two days. This was one of the BEST courses I have ever done. Genuinly Life Changing
[/testimonial][/one_half] [one_half_last][testimonial company=”L&D Consultant” author=”Lisa Cavanagh”]
Watching Robert using and walking through ‘my life as a metaphor’ was mesmerising, humbling and fascinating

This Course is Created for You

This is why a few years ago I created our Introduction to NLP course. This course will allow you to know how to use NLP properly and not just have a toolbox of incredible skills rusting away in a cupboard.

And if you don’t beleive me, go and do a search on LinkedIn or NLP forums and see how many people who have learnt the skills of NLP, right through to NLP Practitioner and NLP Master Practitioner, but still don’t know how to use the tools they’ve learnt to solve really quite basic, simple problems!

From the Ground Up

This is why this Introduction to NLP course has been developed from the ground up: from my own experience, giving you all the tools and techniques of NLP that will eliminate the nerves, self-doubt and fear forever.

and this is what you’ll get from the course…

Introduction to NLP – The Course

After this course you’ll be able to: –

img_check Stand in front of any size crowd and present with absolute confidence and enjoy it too! (you don’t have to do this on the course – but you may just wish too 🙂 )
img_check Have the tenacity and simple energetic will to just ‘go for it’. (leaving all thoughts of fear and doubt far behind in the dust.)
img_check Enjoy talking and meeting new people with confidence and ease
img_check Have a new zest for your life and what your’re capable of achieving
img_check Smile so much more easily than before and feel happier about yourself (And be able to get what you want much more easily)
img_check Easily use the NLP Techniques as well as the skills and methodolgies from Neuro Linguistic Programming that you would have learnt for the rest of your life
img_check Help other people too, at work if you’re a manager of a team or a coach. And you’ll be able to help your friends and family too

[one_half][testimonial company=”Orchestral Conductor” author=”Robin Browning”]
This short but very intense, and invigorating course showed me so many things – about myself, about the techniques and possibilities of NLP and the skills + subtleties of Robert as a teacher
[/testimonial][/one_half] [one_half_last][testimonial company=”Director – Vindens” author=”Catherine Casey”]
Thoroughly enjoyed the 2 days, it flew by. I have learnt a lot about who I am and also learnt how to structure changes in my life


Introduction to NLP – You’ll learn


On this course just some of what you’ll learn: – how to

img_check Reverse your mind to reverse and eliminate your fear
img_check Understand why fears are created and why some are not as equal as others and what to do about them
img_check Change negative self-talk and have an orchestra of friendly voices cheering you on instead!
img_check Discover why goal setting doesn’t work and how this has affected your success in the past
img_check Remove self-doubt and create a much more empowering way to live
img_check A simple and effective technique to instantly remove unwanted thoughts
img_check How to create a state of power and unwavering confidence that lasts

and finally the pièce de résistance

img_check How to fully use your unconscious mind in finding the Unseen Force and knowing how to work with it instead of against it



I’m sure you’ll agree that it’s quite a line up of skills you’ll learn!

Each one of the techniques are powerful skills in their own right, and used well will help you succeed in eliminating fear, doubt and uncertainty. However, I’m going to give you so much more that you’ll have an armoury of resources at your fingertips for any situation. You won’t get this from any book, DVD or other course out there on the market.

The truth is, you will never be able to get rid of this ‘Unseen Force’ and realise your full potential if you don’t learn the techniques and skills that I’m going to give you.

So if you have not booked your place at this crucial Introduction to NLP course,

“If not NOW, When?”



Q: I want to learn NLP, will this teach me about NLP?

Yes. You will learn some very powerful tools both from NLP and further developments in ‘transformation & change’ that I’ve made over the past 16 years.

Q: But I just want to learn about NLP, is this different?

Yes: & no. NLP is not a static discipline and should not be viewed as ‘just some techniques’ it’s as much a way of being as that of having skills. Richard Feynman one of the most esteemed nobel prize winners and physicists never ‘did’ any NLP, though I would say he was the perfect embodiment of all that NLP is in how he applied himself to what he did…

Q: I don’t think I fear anything, should I do this if I just want to learn about NLP?

Yes: Fear, uncertainty and doubt that I’m talking about is not like the fear of standing at the top of a cliff edge. That’s is more immediate and noticable in feelings. The fear I’m talking about is much more subtle and insidious, though very pervasive. Ask yourself these questions…Am I happy? Can I easily achieve anything that I want? If you even hesitate…this is the fear, uncertainty & doubt. What would it be like if you could say Yes? This what we’ll be focusing on finding and getting – to the ‘Yes’.

Q: What’s a double-bind can you explain more and will it help me?

Yes: A double-bind is where you’re damned if you do, damned if you don’t. Gregory Bateson (John Grinder & Richard Bandlers Mentor) in his esteemed book ‘Steps to an Ecology of Mind’ said that DB’s are the cause of most of the suffering we have as a race. That affects us in our physical health (chronic disease) and mental Health (more seriously – Schizophrenia) though it comes out in fear, anxietty, tiredness, nervousness, low self-confidence and just feelings of helplessness.

Conversly if changed, they can also be the cause of inspiration, creativity and amazing problem solving. This is why, if you can recognise when it occurs and have a way of changing it…the leaps and bounds you make are just incredible.Just imagine where it could lead you! ((note: There are only a handful of tools to working with Double Binds – But I found a way that makes it — really — well quite refreshingly simple!))

Q: Will it help me at work and with other people?

Yes: Change yourself, you change the way other people respond to you and find yourself just easily more persuasive because people just want to be around you more. This is why what you’ll get from here goes beyond just learning a few techniques.

Q: Can I come if I don’t have any previous experience in NLP or coaching?

Yes: It’s not a pre-requisite to have even read a book on NLP before… in fact even if you don’t want to learn NLP as a subject but know that you really want more from life than what you’re getting…but just seem to keep coming up against that ‘something’ that stops you…then this is perfect for you.

Q: Will I get anything out of this if I’m already an experienced NLP person or coach?

Yes: There’s going to be stuff here that’s going to be soooo powerful it’s going to have a profound impact on you. In fact there’s things that you just ‘would’ not (cannot) learn anywhere else!

Q: I’ve already done a bunch of NLP training, will there be new stuff for me?

Yes: Every workshop I’ve ever done is different from the previous one, with different inisights, material and learning’s. There’s going to be things in here that’s beyond NLP though uses some of the structures of NLP to manovoure it. So you will learn some really amazing new and cool stuff too.

Q: I’ve already been to one of your Introduction to NLP days. Is this going to be different?

Yes: Truthfully it shouldn’t be called an Introduction to NLP – but really an ‘Introduction to a New Way of Being’ :-). So you’re going to learn new things and a load of stuff that’s just ‘out there’ in terms of NLP and change. So if you thought, “been there, done it”…then no you haven’t 🙂

Q: Is it easy to get there?

Yes: It’s just off from the M3 & M4 Motorway (15 min by car) and 30 minutes from Heathrow.

Q: It seems like I could spend alot of money. Will it be worth it?

Yes: Totally worth it. In fact there’s a hundred percent money back guarantee. You’ll learn things that’ll change the way you do things forever. They’ll be sweet and subtle but profoundly deep in your change. (I don’t know of any shopping trips have ever done this 🙂 and they always seem to cost alot more!

Q: Are there specific times we’ll be starting & finishing each day?

Yes: We start at 9.00am and finish at 6.00pm as well as appropriate pause & refreshes in between

Q: Is there somewhere to get lunch and snacks?

The Conference Centre has ‘very well priced’ (£6-8 per meal) food and good quality too. Or there’s a Big Tesco’s very close by.

Q: Should I bring anything?

Yes: Just the stuff you no-longer want in your life and in between now and then just give it a good hug for the last time before it’s gone 😉

Q: Can I just book?

Yes: Just hit the Red ‘Order Now’ Button at the bottom of the page

Book by Midnight 2nd July and get the INCREDIBLE giveaway price.

And if price is an issue and you’re thinking…”hmmm, not sure if I can afford it”, then maybe right now, you’re not quite ready to CHANGE YOUR LIFE.

The price of this course is an exceptionally modest (maybe too modest) £297

But it gets even better


Provided you book before midnight Friday 1st July you get an even more incredible deal at the stupidly low price of £147!!!

Why am I offering this massive discount? It’s really quite simple.

I want people like you to really know that you can get what you want and not have to live your life any longer with doubt, fear and uncertainty. It’s an easy decision. I know this, because I’ve seen and heard so many people say “If only I’d…”. And I just want to shake them and say…Stop – Just DO IT. And the best way I know how to do this is to make the offer so incredibly low, you’d have to be a fool NOT to attend.

You might feel you can’t afford the time to attend. Let me tell you, there’s never enough time and the perfect timing for anything just does not exist. But if you are time pressed then it’s an even better reason to attend this course and learn how to change your life so time is no longer a luxury but a given.

DO WHATEVER IT TAKES and be at this Introduction to NLP.

[/two_third] [one_third_last][testimonial company=”CEO – TVCS” author=”Veronica Wald”]
A very enjoyable & informative weekend. A very comprehensive introduction to NLP. I now believe in my own strengths and I can move on to a new career

[box] Because if you’re waiting to have the time, or the money before you invest in this, you’re leaving it to pure chance, you’re fighting yourself again, your fighting this UNSEEN FORCE that is STOPPING YOU from getting what you deserve.[/box]


[testimonial company=”Director – Vindens” author=”Catherine Casey”]
Thoroughly enjoyed the 2 days, it flew by. I have learnt a lot about who I am and also learnt how to structure changes in my life



If you truly in your total being and heart want to finally get rid of all the negativity and self doubt that’s stopping you from acheiving what you know you should and can do, you’ll find a way to attend.

And if you think that joining a FREE Introduction to NLP course is going to save you money and time, just think about why it’s free and what you always end up doing with freebies. AND what does this really say about how much you think YOU’RE WORTH. Just think about it. There’s a reason why it’s called an investment.


Where and when is this taking place?

The course is held in Bracknell, Berkshire. The conference centre is 10 minutes taxi drive from Bracknell train station, 40 mintues out of Waterloo station in London and 10 minutes off from the M4.

I’ve spent years training people to be a success, and I’m going to be filming this workshop for a new product I’m creating, so I’m keen to ensure a full house. This course is £297 per person but because we’re filming it, it is on limited offer for only £147 early bird booking and on the 2nd July it goes back to it’s full price of £297. So take this ticket and book your place now for just £147. There is a very limited number on this course, so book now.

When: 9th & 10th July 2011 Bracknell, Berkshire

Yes! Robert, Please BOOK MY PLACE On The Introduction to NLP Course on 9th & 10th July 2011

I understand I’ll be learning how to finally eliminate self-doubt, fears and negative self talk and that I’ll be able to use everything that I’ve learnt to finally get what I want much more easily when I act now!

Book Me A Place

Please Choose Your Option Then CLICK ‘Order Now!’

Order with confidence on 100% secure servers.

[testimonial company=”Co-Originator of NLP” author=”John Grinder” image=”http://www.origyn.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2011/05/johngrinder.jpg”]
We have a most favourable impression of your intelligence and most importantly your perceptions and your ability to integrate experience and analysis”… “That’s as lovely a representation of the importance of avoiding repetitive patterning as I have ever read or heard.

[one_half][testimonial company=”Sales Consultant – Jobs4Medical” author=”Pauline Logan”]
This short course has helped me to make a Journey and given me a thirst to learn more about myself and to achieve my ultimate goals in both my life and work
[/testimonial][/one_half] [one_half_last][testimonial company=”Team Manager – Virgin Media” author=”Jim Huffey”]
Time line was brilliant. Metaphor work proved to be emotional but was essential

[one_half][testimonial company=”” author=”Veronica Wald”]
Excellent programme, with answers given to questions till we understood the full meaning
[/testimonial][/one_half] [one_half_last][testimonial company=”” author=”Diane Lane”]
I have learnt more about myself than any other course attended, thank you so much

Introduction to NLP

Introducing NLP

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