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To Create Incredible Change

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Background to Ericksonian Hypnosis

& why hypnosis does not have to be a ‘couch session’ anymore

The work of Milton Erickson publicly changed the way hypnosis and trance had been perceived and viewed. Citing that –

[blockquote class=”default”]trance and hypnosis is a phenomenological experience inherent in us all and as such everyday experiences taken for granted are hypnotic phenomena to be utilised in trance and change work[/blockquote]

A different approach

The difference between the work of Milton Erickson and other clinicians at the time lay in how Milton understood and utilized his clients everyday ‘trances’ to shape their experiences in ways that would help them reorganise their problems and find new pathways to change, without having to do ‘formal trance inductions’ common in the clinical world.

During that time, it was understood that only certain people (good hypnotic subjects) were susceptible to hypnotic inductions and therefore were the only people able to take advantage of the available therapeutic interventions that could help them.

This was largely due to the tests used to demonstrate a subjects hypnotic susceptibility (how susceptible were they to suggestion) as well as the limited skill of the practitioners in understanding hypnosis as a phenomenological experience.

The tests

Some of the tests included: The Hand Clasp & Rocking or Attention Gazing at a swinging watch. While the subject was engaged in the task the clinician would make hypnotic suggestions (for example with The hand clasp) that while their attention was focused on an object in front of them…..the subjects hands were to come together …..only as quickly… it took for them to…..focus more intently on the object…..until such a time their hands would become….. locked together like glue….and the more they focused their attention on the object…..the more their hands would stick together.

The test of their hypnotic suggestibility would be whether the subject could pull their hands apart by their own free will. If they could, they would either be subjected to further tests or concluded to be un-hypnotisable. Similar tests are used today by stage hypnotists to draw out from the crowd who would be good subjects to work with on stage.

[blockquote class=”alignleft”]The inevitable drawback of this type of testing…[/blockquote]The inevitable drawback of this type of testing mean the clinicians concluded only a percentage of the population were susceptible to suggestion and as such only that percentage could take advantage of the therapeutic treatments available under hypnosis. These therefore built cultural beliefs around the fact that:

[icon class=”rightarrow”]Hypnosis is something that is done to people.[/icon]

[icon class=”rightarrow”]They either were or were not hypnotisable and had to find other methods of treatment other than where hypnosis had been found to be beneficial in helping with their condition.[/icon]

This left an obvious hole in the clinical world of therapeutic treatment. If the only available effective treatment at the time was under hypnosis and the client was deemed to be un-hypnotisable the client inevitably lost out.


Short of being a miracle

Milton H. Erickson had a different approach he had developed in part because of his incumbent disabilities of polio, colour blindness and word blindness.

During a time in which he suffered a severe bout of polio which left him paralysed, it was suggested by the doctors to his mother that he would not make it through the night.  Milton overheard this conversation and he set out to prove the doctors wrong. He survived and spent the time he was bedridden discovering how to use his mind to get himself out of bed and able again.

Short of what would be seen to be a miracle he regained a lot of his mobility in a short time. It was during this time he learnt how to use his unconscious mind to regain his mobility. Because of his disability and by listening to and studying others he had learnt how people created the trances they lived by that either disempowered them or helped create their successes.

Conversational hypnosis & naturalistic trances

[blockquote class=”alignright”]Ericksonian Hypnosis gets rid of the stereotype of laying on a couch, closing your eyes and counting back from ten[/blockquote]Milton developed ways to use naturalistic trances, language, and metaphor that enabled his client’s access to their unconscious mind without the need for formal trance inductions. His skill was immeasurable and consummate in guiding his clients into and through trance in order to access the resources of their unconscious mind.

The principles of Erickson’s work presupposed that as trance was a natural everyday phenomena and people’s problems were the domain of the unconscious therefore, the domain for the change lay also in the unconscious mind. It was a question of how to provide people with access to those resources that would prevail in their recovery and change.

NLP, Ericksonian Hypnosis & Trance

In the early 1970’s, John Grinder and Richard Bandler (co-creators of NLP) had the opportunity to meet Milton Erickson by their mentor and friend Gregory Bateson; a friend of Milton’s.

From their meetings, John and Richard formalised a set of models and principles from Milton’s work whereby they could reproduce the methods of Milton into teachable skills, techniques and strategies. Thus others could with practice achieve some of the extraordinary results that Milton had with his clients, with their own.

[contentbox class=”contentbox2″]Hypnosis left the domain of a specialist field, subject to formalised training and entered into an open technology that could be taught and learnt by anyone.[/contentbox]

As the doors of trance and hypnotic phenomena opened so did the understanding and multi-disciplinary uses of these same skills merge into other fields other than those kept to the clinicians and stage artists that hypnosis occupied as an occupation.

Hypnosis today

Today, the legacy if Milton’s, John and Richard’s work can be found in sales, for influencing and persuasion to personal coaching, management training, sports performance, teaching, training, parenting and beyond.

Today the phenomena of hypnosis and trance states for learning, change and personal enhancement is open to all that wish to learn how to access their unconscious mind and create the type of change that would otherwise have only been accessible by going to a trained hypnotherapist.

Today, the locks that kept the doors closed all those years ago are freely open for you to learn and discover what you really are capable of achieving.


How I came to learn Hypnosis and how it brought me back from the brink of destruction

From 1992 – 1994 I suffered severe episodes of panic attacks and acute anxiety. I could not explain why they happened or where they came from. My life became a living hell from which I could not escape.

Everything started slipping away from me, my achievements, future and my life. I sought solace from the fact that the only way out was a place I did not want to go to, to escape this hell, and so this became both my bitter motivator and demon.

I knew there had to be something, someway of getting rid of what was happening to me and yet I just didn’t know what it was.

I had tried everything

I tried all sorts of medication from beta blockers to seeing a psychiatrist (whom I thought was madder than me, as he kept insinuating I was hearing voices) – needless to say, I lost all confidence in him and  the medical institution. No-one could explain what or why it was happening or what to do about it.

Work became difficult, I coudn’t concentrate, I thought people must be staring at me when the panic episodes happend. I found that I was slowly pulling myself away from the world and trying to hide what I thought was ‘me going slowly mad’. I became fearful of telling people for fear of being put on serious drugs or worse, thrown away somewhere.

I battled on and vowed that I would find a way throught this maddening state of fear and panic. I did.

Hypnosis A Gateway To Better HealthI came across a book called self-hypnosis by Dr. Brian Roet. I found a single passage in the book that talked about the unconscious mind. I bought the book and read it from cover to cover.

So began my journey like Milton’s in learning how to change this demon. I learnt and practiced and practiced how to build and develop trance through self-hypnosis. I learnt how to control the panic attacks, to understand what they were and why they happened. I would go the loo at work when I needed to, drop into a trance and use what I was learning.

Within 4 months, I had become free from the demons that had haunted me for 2 years. I had learnt how to use my mind and be free.

 [blockquote class=”default”]I had befriended the giant within[/blockquote]

How NLP made sense of Hypnosis

Shortly after this I came across Neuro Linguistic Programming. I had found that NLP explained the structure behind what I had learnt in how I had changed myself.

Today what took me 4 months to change; I can change in less than an hour.

[inset side=”right” title=”Kathy Smith”]I feel that this course has added a new dimension to my perception of the influences particularly internal, that help or hinder my progress through life. The effects of this new perception and knowledge with the allied accessing skills already have a profound effect on my life. Thank you! [/inset]

[contentbox class=”contentbox1″]And not only this Kathy on my last ericksonian hypnosis course had spent 50 years unable to drink water. In less than 15 minutes as a demonstration subject she took her first sip of water, and proceeded to finish the bottle. Now she could go anywhere and not have to worry whether they only had water as a drink.

Roseli, had tried so many times to quit going for the chocolates and sweets while out dining. Later after the course, she told me she had found it so easy to eat only what she wanted and lost 14 pounds in weight in 2 months.

[inset side=”left” title=”Alison Chalcroft”]This is a very powerful course which has opened my mind and eyes. I feel very priveledged to have been able to touch on this wonderful subject and will be developing further in the future.[/inset]

Angela was frightened off hypnosis by a bad encounter with a hypnotherapist. Using ericksonian non-inductive metaphorical change, within 2 minutes that experience had disappeared and she was overjoyed to want to experience hypnotic trance states again.

Sheila had lost all confidence as a singer, she wanted to get back into the music business again, but couldn’t face the performance anxiety she would get. Using Ericksonian hypnosis methods she entered into a light trance and found the strength and confidence she needed to get her voice back. She later joined the band she had wanted to get into.[/contentbox]

[contentbox class=”contentbox2″]And these aren’t the only people who’ve learnt how to tap into their unconscious resources.[/contentbox]

[contentbox class=”contentbox4″]“An achievement worthwhile!”


It may only have been 3 days but it seemed like half-a-life time journey and an achievement worthwhile. The course met and went way beyond my expectations.

The knowledge and confidence we have received and gained over 3 days is really quite amazing. There are many ways you can use it in your life, for self gain and for a professional point of view.  Tony White – Managing Director ADV UK Ltd[/contentbox]

[contentbox class=”contentbox4″]“Fantastic course, a great experience!”


The whole course was a whole eye-opener for me. The different trance states, types of language and to use my voice in the right kind of way, to make it more hypnotic and trance like. You should come on this course because you will enjoy it, experience a different side of life, find out different things about your personality and experience in life. Definitely that is why someone else should come on the course” Gavin Mountford– Managing Director MLM[/contentbox]

You would benefit from this course?

[list class=”checkmark”][li]If you want to learn hypnosis and trance for personal change[/li][li]If you’re a coach and want other ways of helping your clients that work[/li][li]If you’re a parent and have tried all the things you can to help your family and want ways to help them[/li][li]If you’re looking at getting into the people helping industry and want to use hypnosis as a way to help them[/li][li]If you’re in the medical profession and are stuck in not knowing how else to help people[/li][/list]

Ericksonian Hypnosis Overview

Erickson hypnosis is about learning how to access your unconsious mind and resources for change, or that of others. Using natural trance states and conversational language you will learn the methods, skills and techniques that have also helped the people above in creating the life they wanted to live as well as the methods of Milton Erickson M.D.

The course is built around the three direct principles of trance. Here you wil learn to be skillful in the use of a wide range of techniques to induce trance in many different situations.

[highlight class=”default”]The three stages are:[/highlight]

[list class=”triangle-large”][li]The induction – learning a wide variety of skills and techniques to induce the state of trance in hypnosis, you’ll have the flexibility and adaptability to make this easy in any situation.[/li][li]The trance – Once either you or the recipient is at the level of trance and hypnotic state you require, you’ll will need to know what to do to create the change or access the resources you need. Here you will learn a number of different techniques for creating powerful change.[/li][li]The return – re-orientation brings you back to your normal waking state. Here you’ll learn different methods to do this depending upon the situation you or your client is in.[/li][/list]

The Specific Techniques You’ll Learn:

Learn specific techniques and a multitude of ways to give you the flexibility to induce trance and more.

The induction

  • The 3 point method
  • Trance ambiguity
  • Handshake induction
  • Pattern interrupts
  • Overload
  • Dual induction
  • Fractionation
  • Fast fractionation
  • Betty Erickson technique
  • Sensory description inductions
  • Meta model inductions
  • Cause and effect inductions
  • Non-verbal inductions
  • Ericksonian utilization
  • Voice change inductions
  • Re-anchoring inductions for fast access
  • Presupposition inductions
  • Arm catalepsy for inductions
  • Naturalistic trances
  • Predicate trances

The Invocation

  • How to select and use metaphor
  • Six step reframe for healing in trance
  • New Behaviour Director
  • How to use idea motor signals
  • Dissociation
  • Trances without scripts

The Indication

  • How to bring clients out of trance
  • What to do if they want to stay in
  • How to deal with abreactions
  • The slow return
  • The fast return
  • The sleep return

You will also learn:

[icon class=”tags”]You’ll also learn the different types of trance states and what to use them for as well as the trance states themselves[/icon]

[icon class=”bulb”]How to recognise when the onset of trance happens and how to utilize these states for quick suggestions[/icon]

[icon class=”write”]What trance is and is not and why knowing this will help you realise some of the most important and fundamental aspects to personal development and change[/icon]

[icon class=”quote”]As a special bonus you are also going to learn how to Cold Read. If you have ever watched Derren Brown or the TV programme The Mentalist you’re going to learn some of the secrets they use to ‘read’ someone, where it almost appears as if they have the skills of a ‘mind reader’.[/icon]


For beginners…

[contentbox class=”contentbox4″]“The best bit, growing in confidence”


“I enjoyed it very much. I realised how easy it was, where as before I was a bit apprehensive and worried that it might be a bit more involved. it is quite easy and a good atmosphere to learn in! You can use it in your work and help develop other areas of your life.

The best bit was growing in confidence, and realising how much you are capable of learning in such a short time. Rob is a really good teacher and trainer he has a lot of knowledge and skills and it really comes through easily and its all so informal”   Anita Gates – Child Care Nurse[/contentbox]

[contentbox class=”contentbox4″]“I WOULD enjoy it happening again”


“Someone should come on this course because of life skills because its good to know you can use this in various aspects in your life. Its not just about hypnotism, you learn about yourself . The best bit was being hypnotised and it was a very worthwhile experience and I WOULD enjoy it happening again.”

You should come on this course because you will enjoy it, experience a different side of life, find out different things about your personality and experience in life. Definitely that is why someone else should come on the course” Tracey Norton – Teacher[/contentbox]


…and for the advanced person:

[contentbox class=”contentbox2″]mariaAs a master practitioner in NLP I really enjoyed seeing the course from a different perspective. for me I found the huge learning was the use of the predicates and how they can deepen a trance state. I guess I really hadn’t seen how they could have that effect on a trance.

Having already done some training with Rob, I knew the training was already going to be an experiential type of learning. The way I prefer to learn, to get in there and really experience it helps to solidify it with me.

Even though I’ve done the Master Practitioner course it will definitely enhance and further your tools and skills because it concentrates more on trance and hypnosis.

This course has reinforced my opinion of understanding the methods in which he teaches and the different ways in which the learnings are delivered and now as my 3rd course, can really appreciate how much is actually delivered into that course!

The six step re-frame is a fantastic exercise and you can see from the reactions of everyone what it meant to them.

His relaxed approach helps bring the course together.

Maria Webster
Financial Accountant & Yoga Master[/contentbox]

Where & When

[highlight class=”default”]Where:[/highlight]

The course is held in Bracknell, Berkshire.

BlueMountain Conference Centre

(The conference centre is 10 minutes taxi drive from Bracknell train station, 40 minutes out of Waterloo station in London and 10 minutes off from the M4.)

[highlight class=”default”]Date:[/highlight]

16 – 18th September 2011

Registration on the Friday will be 9.00 for a 9.30am start, finishing at 6.00pm
each successive day will start at 9.00am and finish at 6.00pm


The normal cost of this course is: –


To ensure you get a place we recomend you book early to avoid disappointment.

A Full Ericksonian Training Course

The last time we ran this course was in the summer of 2010. We don’t run this often, therefore if you really wish to learn Ericksonian Hypnosis and at this price consider whether you either, desire to wait and pay at the full price or  join other courses that offer similar content for longer time frames at over £1800.

This is a full Ericksonian Hypnosis Training Course that is desigend to teach you everything you need to know to successfully use the skills, techniques and methods of Milton Erickson for your personal use or with your friends and family at work or with your clients.


How do you manage to fit it all into three days?

The course is structured in such a way to teach you the skills in layers. Such that each exercise of sklls and techniques builds upon the next to successively give you all the methods outlined in the course.

[icon class=”cart”]What do I need to do to book[/icon]

[list class=”list-icon rightarrow”][li]Click the Book Now button[/li][li]You will be taken to our booking site[/li][li]Click the ‘Add to basket'[/li][li]Proceed to ‘Checkout'[/li][li]Fill in your Address Details[/li][li]Pay using either ‘ Credit Card, PayPal, or Cheque'[/li][/list]

N.B. Please note company invoices will not be accepted for this course.

And after you’ve booked

You will recieve confirmation of your booking and 7 days prior to the event you will be sent an email with your ‘Joining Instructions’ that will include everything you need to know to be there.

[contentbox class=”contentbox2″]maria“…just think of that cost! money well spent !” “if you’re really money oriented, I’ve been put into about 20 trances over the least 3 days and I could have done 20 or so changes in that time so I could have seen a hypnotherapist 20 times in the last 3 days, just think of that cost! money well spent!” Tony White Managing Director ADV UK Ltd.



[contentbox class=”contentbox1″][dropcap class=”dropcap7″]B[/dropcap]ook Your Place on the Ericksonian Hypnosis Course Today!

[list class=”list-icon rightarrow”][li]3 Days of Ericksonian Hypnosis[/li][li]Full Workbook with Exercises & Resources[/li][li]Experiential Training Seminar[/li][li]Conferene Centre Facilities[/li][li]Easy Access from London & Main Stations[/li][/list]


Only for the 16th – 18th September 2011



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[blockquote class=”default”]As the course is mostly hands on and not just watching, you learn & experience so much and feel that in a short time you have accomplished Sooooo much. Everyone would benefit from the course even if they never used it outside the class as it is layered in such a way what ever you want you could make the course fit. Catherine Casey[/blockquote]

[blockquote class=”default”]To begin with I doubted I could actually put a person into a trance. A common self-doubt that I possess. Just implementing the techniques proved I could and I CAN do things. This crap belief (Self-doubt) is on its way out. No doubt about that. The other students provided a sage and supportive environment thank you. Rob paced and delivered the course brilliantly. Jim Haffey[/blockquote]

[blockquote class=”default”]Robert was enthusiastic and worked hard to keep the group working well together. It felt packed with information and plenty of time to practice techniques – it was a real learning experieince, not just information gathering. Jill Ackland, Psychologist.[/blockquote]

[blockquote class=”default”]It was brilliant – I warmed to Rob and his style of training. The setting was great. Rob it’s a great course full of knowledge and skill from yourself and your style of teaching. Thanks for all you’ve helped me with. I’ve learn’t loads. Nicola Kalisperas – Community Counsellor.[/blockquote]

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