Introduction to NLP

Introducing NLP

An introduction to NLP: Since 1972 people have been introduced to NLP, both for personal and professional use. With millions of people worlwide now either trained or introduced to NLP, the techniques of Neuro Linguistic Programming have without doubt found their way into mainstream and everyday situations.

While there are many courses that use NLP as part of their foundation or draws upon the techniques or methodolgies of NLP in both delivery and content, understanding and knowing how to use NLP tools and techniques effectively requires more than a part glance, read from a book, DVD etc.

The reason for this is that NLP is not a set of tools, nor techniques, nor strategies, rather an ‘attitude’. It is this ‘attitude’ or approach if you like, that seperates out those that can and those that say.

It is this ‘attitude’ that the forfathers of NLP (John Grinder, Frank Pucelick and Richard Bandler) had in creating the field of Neuro Linguistic Progamming.

This attitude or approach is neither something you can read about, hear or talk about, rather something you ‘gain’ as an experience in experiencing NLP.

Why is it important.

There are many people who ‘learn’ NLP and take away the techniques, the tools, the systems, the maps, the models, the strategies and yet fail to implement this fundamental attitude in their approach to a) using the tools, techniques etc b) working with others c) their communication.

This in and of itself reduces the ability to apply one of the fundamental principles of effective communication – If what you’re doing is not working, use something (anything else) to gain the response you want.

This failure to implement the ‘attitude’ results in people blaming themselves, the techniques or what it is they’ve learnt from other disciplines as “it doesn’t work – I’m no good at it” and also for some that have attended NLP courses or read the books.

While they may have success with certain tools or techniques, inevitbly they’ll suspend their attempt to continue to progress with what they have (what they’ve learnt) and limit themselves to a small selection of these tools/techniques – proffering ease of use (return on personal investment) over generative creativity; learning ‘how’ to create new alternatives through feedback and testing.

Essentially communication is simply a feedback loop with an intent to ‘elicit a response’ in self or other, recognise the response from your communication and adjust it if it hasn’t achieved either your, their or either of your/s outcome.

This ability to elicit a response is generalised around this ‘attitude’ or approach and that is to have a widening range of behaviours that you can draw upon to elicit this response (or to go up a level) it is about the generative creativity of a varitation of behaviours and adjustment of these in relation to the outcome.

Put simply – the techniques are not at fault rather the approach to the use of the techniques.

And it is this ‘approach’ or attitude that makes for successful communication and effective use of the techniques of Neuro Linguistic Programming. The same approach / attitude that created the field of NLP.

As an example a practioner (someone who’s using NLP tools in a deliberate manner) may enter into a communication with another try a simple technique, notice it didn’t get the response they want and stop, revert back to what they know try that, stop and or just give up. This inevitibly ends up in the loss of an opportunity to learn, develop and refine their skills and as such increase their range of behaviours (efficacy, performance and effectiveness) because they revert back to ‘what they knew before’ and stop paying attention to the valuable feedback that’s presented to them. A lost opportunity.

And/or they’ll stick to a small range of tools/techniques (as mentioned previously) and rob themselves of the opportunity to really understand quite simply the use of the tools and techniques of NLP.

This in part is why so many people jump from book to book, CD to CD, course to course.

With an instillation of this attitude and approach to learning practitioners discover how the fundamental approaches and principles of NLP can be used to see how and why other ‘maps and models’ – ‘tools and techniques’ from outside disciplines work (or not).

That is they’ve discovered and can discover why something works against why it does not – take what works, discard the rest as ‘noise’ and become more effective in their everyday actions.

An Introduction to NLP

It is with this that we introduce to your our 1 Day Introduction to NLP

This day is centered around the principle and attitude of Neuro Linguistic Programming.


From the Ground Up


This is why this Introduction to NLP course has been developed from the ground up: from my own experience, giving you all the tools and techniques of NLP that will eliminate the nerves, self-doubt and fear forever.

and this is what you’ll get from the course…

After this course you’ll be able to: –


  • Stand in front of any size crowd and present with absolute confidence and enjoy it too! (you don’t have to do this on the course – but you may just wish too 🙂 )
  • Have the tenacity and simple energetic will to just ‘go for it’. (leaving all thoughts of fear and doubt far behind in the dust.)
  • Enjoy talking and meeting new people with confidence and ease
  • Have a new zest for your life and what your’re capable of achieving
  • Smile so much more easily than before and feel happier about yourself (And be able to get what you want much more easily)
  • Easily use the NLP Techniques as well as the skills and methodolgies from Neuro Linguistic Programming that you would have learnt for the rest of your life
  • Help other people too, at work if you’re a manager of a team or a coach. And you’ll be able to help your friends and family too


Introduction to NLP – You’ll learn


On this course just some of what you’ll learn: – how to

Reverse your mind to reverse and eliminate your fear

Understand why fears are created and why some are not as equal as others and what to do about them

Change negative self-talk and have an orchestra of friendly voices cheering you on instead!

Discover why goal setting doesn’t work and how this has affected your success in the past

Remove self-doubt and create a much more empowering way to live

A simple and effective technique to instantly remove unwanted thoughts

How to create a state of power and unwavering confidence that lasts

and finally the pièce de résistance

How to fully use your unconscious mind in finding the Unseen Force and knowing how to work with it instead of against it




Q: I want to learn NLP, will this teach me about NLP?

Yes. You will learn some very powerful tools both from NLP and further developments in ‘transformation & change’ that I’ve made over the past 16 years.

Q: But I just want to learn about NLP, is this different?

Yes: & no. NLP is not a static discipline and should not be viewed as ‘just some techniques’ it’s as much a way of being as that of having skills. Richard Feynman one of the most esteemed nobel prize winners and physicists never ‘did’ any NLP, though I would say he was the perfect embodiment of all that NLP is in how he applied himself to what he did…

Q: I don’t think I fear anything, should I do this if I just want to learn about NLP?

Yes: Fear, uncertainty and doubt that I’m talking about is not like the fear of standing at the top of a cliff edge. That’s is more immediate and noticable in feelings. The fear I’m talking about is much more subtle and insidious, though very pervasive. Ask yourself these questions…Am I happy? Can I easily achieve anything that I want? If you even hesitate…this is the fear, uncertainty & doubt. What would it be like if you could say Yes? This what we’ll be focusing on finding and getting – to the ‘Yes’.

Q: What’s a double-bind can you explain more and will it help me?

Yes: A double-bind is where you’re damned if you do, damned if you don’t. Gregory Bateson (John Grinder & Richard Bandlers Mentor) in his esteemed book ‘Steps to an Ecology of Mind’ said that DB’s are the cause of most of the suffering we have as a race. That affects us in our physical health (chronic disease) and mental Health (more seriously – Schizophrenia) though it comes out in fear, anxietty, tiredness, nervousness, low self-confidence and just feelings of helplessness.

Conversly if changed, they can also be the cause of inspiration, creativity and amazing problem solving. This is why, if you can recognise when it occurs and have a way of changing it…the leaps and bounds you make are just incredible.Just imagine where it could lead you! ((note: There are only a handful of tools to working with Double Binds – But I found a way that makes it — really — well quite refreshingly simple!))

Q: Will it help me at work and with other people?

Yes: Change yourself, you change the way other people respond to you and find yourself just easily more persuasive because people just want to be around you more. This is why what you’ll get from here goes beyond just learning a few techniques.

Q: Can I come if I don’t have any previous experience in NLP or coaching?

Yes: It’s not a pre-requisite to have even read a book on NLP before… in fact even if you don’t want to learn NLP as a subject but know that you really want more from life than what you’re getting…but just seem to keep coming up against that ‘something’ that stops you…then this is perfect for you.

Q: Will I get anything out of this if I’m already an experienced NLP person or coach?

Yes: There’s going to be stuff here that’s going to be soooo powerful it’s going to have a profound impact on you. In fact there’s things that you just ‘would’ not (cannot) learn anywhere else!

Q: I’ve already done a bunch of NLP training, will there be new stuff for me?

Yes: Every workshop I’ve ever done is different from the previous one, with different inisights, material and learning’s. There’s going to be things in here that’s beyond NLP though uses some of the structures of NLP to manovoure it. So you will learn some really amazing new and cool stuff too.

Q: I’ve already been to one of your Introduction to NLP days. Is this going to be different?

Yes: Truthfully it shouldn’t be called an Introduction to NLP – but really an ‘Introduction to a New Way of Being’ :-). So you’re going to learn new things and a load of stuff that’s just ‘out there’ in terms of NLP and change. So if you thought, “been there, done it”…then no you haven’t 🙂

Q: Is it easy to get there?

Yes: It’s just off from the M3 & M4 Motorway (15 min by car) and 30 minutes from Heathrow.

Q: It seems like I could spend alot of money. Will it be worth it?

Yes: Totally worth it. In fact there’s a hundred percent money back guarantee. You’ll learn things that’ll change the way you do things forever. They’ll be sweet and subtle but profoundly deep in your change. (I don’t know of any shopping trips have ever done this 🙂 and they always seem to cost alot more!

Q: Are there specific times we’ll be starting & finishing each day?

Yes: We start at 9.00am and finish at 6.00pm as well as appropriate pause & refreshes in between

Q: Is there somewhere to get lunch and snacks?

The Conference Centre has ‘very well priced’ (£6-8 per meal) food and good quality too. Or there’s a Big Tesco’s very close by.

Q: Should I bring anything?

Yes: Just the stuff you no-longer want in your life and in between now and then just give it a good hug for the last time before it’s gone 😉

Q: Can I just book?

Yes: Just hit the Red ‘Order Now’ Button at the bottom of the page


Book by Midnight 2nd July and get the INCREDIBLE giveaway price.

And if price is an issue and you’re thinking…”hmmm, not sure if I can afford it”, then maybe right now, you’re not quite ready to CHANGE YOUR LIFE.

The price of this course is an exceptionally modest (maybe too modest) £297

But it gets even better



Why am I offering this massive discount? It’s really quite simple.

I want people like you to really know that you can get what you want and not have to live your life any longer with doubt, fear and uncertainty. It’s an easy decision. I know this, because I’ve seen and heard so many people say “If only I’d…”. And I just want to shake them and say…Stop – Just DO IT. And the best way I know how to do this is to make the offer so incredibly low, you’d have to be a fool NOT to attend.

You might feel you can’t afford the time to attend. Let me tell you, there’s never enough time and the perfect timing for anything just does not exist. But if you are time pressed then it’s an even better reason to attend this course and learn how to change your life so time is no longer a luxury but a given.

DO WHATEVER IT TAKES and be at this Introduction to NLP.

If you truly in your total being and heart want to finally get rid of all the negativity and self doubt that’s stopping you from acheiving what you know you should and can do, you’ll find a way to attend.

And if you think that joining a FREE Introduction to NLP course is going to save you money and time, just think about why it’s free and what you always end up doing with freebies. AND what does this really say about how much you think YOU’RE WORTH. Just think about it. There’s a reason why it’s called an investment.



Where and when is this taking place?


The course is held in Bracknell, Berkshire. The conference centre is 10 minutes taxi drive from Bracknell train station, 40 mintues out of Waterloo station in London and 10 minutes off from the M4.

I’ve spent years training people to be a success, and I’m going to be filming this workshop for a new product I’m creating, so I’m keen to ensure a full house. This course is £297 per person but because we’re filming it, it is on limited offer for only £147 early bird booking and on the 2nd July it goes back to it’s full price of £297. So take this ticket and book your place now for just £147. There is a very limited number on this course, so book now.

When: 9th & 10th July 2011 Bracknell, Berkshirere servers.

Introducing NLP

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